Go West! (VII: Utah)

When Jay decided we needed to stay another day in Grand Junction in order to figure out the work situation I looked up the weather for the next day and warned him that if we stayed we definitely run into rain and maybe even some snow in the mountains in Utah. He looked at the radar maps and basically told me I was full of crap, it’d be all right …

This is still Colorado, but notice the lack of sunshine.
Yup, it's overcast.
Hey Mister Sun, come out, come out, wherever you are!
Seems a little misty to me ...
... but what do I know? Right?
I'm sure the sun is hiding just beyond those mountains.
Yoo hoo! Sun! You asleep?
Wakey, wakey!
Rise & Shine!
Yes, that is the Utah sign completely obliterated by the downpouring rain. You wanna argue weather with me? With me?! C'mon now!
Mountains in the distance. I really liked Utah.
A lot of my Utah pics suck though, on account of the bad weather.
The sky was all kinds of interesting colours though.
The air is so warm that in lower elevations a light rain will often evaporate before it hits the ground, just makes everything all hazy.
There were parts of Utah where I felt like I was in prehistoric times, just waiting for Fred Flintstone to pass us on the hwy.
Do you see Dino anywhere?
And then blink an eye & you're back in the prairie with the tumbleweeds.
Blink again & you're in the mountains. Utah is cool like that.
It was definitely one of my favourite states to drive through.
But it's pretty desolate with rest stops & service stations few & far between.
And you get the ear popping thing going on, some of the elevations are pretty high.
That's my camera flash ... not God 🙂
You can see how big the mountains are by how little the trucks are.
It's the only place Jay has ever been where he completely lost cell service for hours.
Canyons are kinda fabulous too!
I felt like I was in a Lone Ranger movie.
Bored yet? I wasn't.
And here comes the snow!
Damn dirty windshield!
This ranch was the only thing out there for hundreds & hundreds of miles.
It was actually more of a corral & a bunkhouse, a stop-over for long cattle drives.
Oh, and I did say, "I told ya so!" to Jay for questioning my weather predictions.
But it wasn't too bad, mostly just rain & overcast, only snow in the higher elevations.
Made for some hazy assed pics in places though.
See what I mean?
And again.
And yet again.
The closer we got to Arizona though, the clearer it got, still overcast but no haze or rain.
I took way too many pics in Utah! lol
But for some reason I just loved it there!

But I’ll stop for now … just for now, cause you know I took a bunch on the way back too! 😀

(…to be continued…Arizona & Nevada next)

2 thoughts on “Go West! (VII: Utah)

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  1. I hope you got to watch big love in Utah, too, because that would be fittin’. I just watched the series finale… So very SAD!!! sad the show’s over now too. I loved it but not that reality sister wives show. That one just gives me the huge creeps.


    1. We totally missed the series finale of Big Love, couldn’t get HBO when we needed it 😦 So somewhere along the way we’ve got to get the chance to watch it again, maybe when it comes out on dvd. I’m fascinated by Sister Wives, lol, I just sit there jaw agape not believing what I’m seeing and hearing, I just don’t understand any of it, lol. But nope, all the polygamists were in hiding when we passed through Utah, didn’t see a single one 🙂


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