Go West! (VIc: Colorado)

The view from the Comfort Inn hotel room in Grand Junction, CO.
Finally! A real hotel room! Grand Junction, CO.
With an in-room coffee maker, hair dryer & everything!
Toiletries, and there was even an iron in that closet!
And hello! A phone from this century! This is more like it!

So we settled into our room around noon (complete with Direct TV, HBO & everything, I must add!) and then we went out for a drive around Grand Junction to get the lay of the land.

Driving around Grand Junction.
And again.
And even more Grand Junction.

When Dawg got off work he came over to the hotel and took us out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Best freaking Mexican food I’ve had in a really long time! They know how to make the guacamole here, lemme tell ya! Back in Georgia you could get some good Mexican, but the guacamole was always just avocados pureed with a little garlic and cilantro. In Virginia we couldn’t find any good Mexican at all. But this was fantabulous! The guacamole was chunky with tomatoes and everything in it. Scrum!

Dawg drove us around town and showed us some sights then we went back to the room and he brought up his laptop to show Jay the type of work he’d be doing. While Jay picked Dawg’s pea brain for details, I settled in to catch up on Big Love. Yay HBO!

We decided that Jay would start work on Monday so we could continue on to Vegas and spend the weekend with the folks. So the next morning we got up bright and early and set our sights on Las Vegas!

(…to be continued… Utah next)

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