Go West, Young Woman! Go West! (Part I)

A lot has changed in my life since my last post … On Saturday March 12th Jay and I packed up the camper and left Georgia. We were heading first to the Nashville area in Tennessee to visit with his God Mother and her son, Steve. From there we planned to go to Nebraska, where we would drop off our camper at Jay’s old boss’ place before going to Las Vegas for a couple of weeks to visit with his dad and step-mom. His father’s been doing chemo treatments and Jay hasn’t seen him in a couple of years, so we thought it would be nice to spend some time with him before work opened up in Kansas or Nebraska. Well, along the way plans changed, which they always seem to do with us and today I’m writing from the Mesa Inn motel in Grand Junction, Colorado. But before we get into all that, let’s start at the beginning …

John bent down helping Jay get the camper ready for travel.

I’m sure you can click on the photos to enlarge them, if you so desire. This is our camper being prepped for the road at the not so fabulous Riverside Estates RV park in Covington, Georgia. It was freezing cold that morning, colder than it had been in ages, and I’d been up since 3am when my husband who had eaten pizza, complete with jalapenos and hot sausage, the night before started releasing a very foul odor from his lower extremities. “Smells like roses!” he laughed when I bolted out of the bedroom … but that was just a lie. Yeah, so I got all of maybe three and a half hours sleep before we left on our very long road trip.

I took some parting pics of the lovely Riverside Estates to share with you all before we left.

The office & laundry room beside the pool, notice the blossoming trees in the background.
The pool & a better view of blossoming trees & how green & spring like it was there.
John's car that he inherited from his mom when she died last year.
The view from our spot in C section, lot 63.
Our neighbor Terry's motorhome decalled with all the Nascar races he's been to.
Looking directly across the road, that's Grammie's camper 2nd from left & Jack & Bobbi's motor home to the right of her in our old spot from when we lived here before.
Following John out of C section for the last time. That's the desolate B section ahead of us, where Jay was living when I first came to meet him. It never recovered after the flood & still stinks like shit.
The bath house I never once entered cuz thank god I didn't have to; Jay says it's the nastiest he's ever seen.
That's John's trailer on the end (left). He's the only white guy living in the mobile home section, the rest are all Mexican.
The so-called "playground" where all the Mexican kids gather every evening to play soccer.
Rounding the corner into A section, where our old spot remains empty. That's Brad's camper with the red vehicle beside it to the left.
Good bye Riverside Estates!

It’s kind of hard to believe, I know, but once upon a time we were happy in this place, even with all the crackheads and the meth lab and all that. We met some good people here, like Ed & Elizabeth, who were our neighbors before they moved to Calgary for Ed’s work. Unfortunately that job didn’t pan out for him like he hoped and just this weekend Ed flew overseas (actually somewhere close to Australia) for another job & Elizabeth went home to Mexico to be with her folks I’m assuming until Ed can get the paperwork straight to send for her. And there was Grammie and the Old Man, Ron, of course, but I don’t know when we came back from Virginia things were different somehow. People had moved on, had other friends they hung out with all the time, plus there was a lot of heavy partying going on that we were trying to stay away from, so Jay and I spent a lot of time just on our own together, which was nice but sad and lonely all at the same time. I think I handled the isolation better than him, because I’m a naturally solitary person anyway. Jay could not wait to get the hell out of there.

I don’t know that we’ll ever be in Georgia again, but I’m almost positive (cuz you know anything can happen) that we will never be in this park again.

(…to be continued…next stop Tennessee)


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