Go West! (Part III: Kentucky)

Welcome to Kentucky! And despite what I'd heard did not see a smiling possum or hill person anywhere around!

The landscape through Kentucky changed considerably from what I was used to in Georgia and Tennessee.

Can you say, FARMVILLE!
Elizabethtown exit coming up.

A highlight of the drive through Kentucky for me was being this close (although not getting to visit) to Elizabethtown. I’ve taken pictures of Elizabethtown signs before … but never when I was in the right state! 🙂 This is THE Elizabethtown made famous by one of my favourite writers/directors, Mister Cameron Crowe. So yeah, I took several sign pictures … yeah, I know, I’m a little geeky like that.

Passing through Kentucky we started to see signs of all the flooding that we had heard about happening up north the week or so before we left on our trip.

Flooding in Kentucky.
More flooding in Kentucky, this river really ran over its banks.
Pretty much every river we crossed in KY & IL had over run its banks.
The water from overflowing rivers like this one would run through the trees & into farmer's fields for miles & miles down the road.

We really weren’t in Kentucky that long, just caught a bit of it, but from what I saw it’s pretty flat and boring. I guess those hill people and smiling possums I heard about must be in another part of the state 🙂

(…to be continued…Illinois next)

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