A few recent pics …

A few weeks ago we went to Savannah …

A drive down River Street

We didn’t stay downtown this year, got a really good deal in Midtown instead, but we did take a drive downtown through all the parks and of course down River Street. I only took pics from this drive on this visit, because last year I really didn’t get any from River Street and I felt like I had already done the parks, mossy trees, etc.

The tracks are for the tourist trolley.
I love the cobblestone streets & steps in between the blocks.
The riverboat that cruises with lunch & dinner menus.
Some day we'll take the dinner cruise to celebrate our anniversary.
This truck coming toward us is going the wrong way on a one-way street.
All the steps leading down to River Street are so steep & precarious.
All the buildings are like this, with little balconies.
Blurry, but cool candy store we went to last year, they carry all the old treats from when we were kids and they make their own.
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the cobblestones?! lol
On one side of River St buildings face the river, on the other side are all these parks with statues, etc.
The chapel where we got married has since closed, but their sign is still in the window.

And that’s it for Savannah pics …

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. My hun is usually a flowers, teddy bear, or jewelery kind of guy, but because he’s unemployed right now and we’re watching our finances he had to go another way … so I woke up to find all the dinner dishes from the night before washed & put away, coffee perking and breakfast of sausage and eggs cooking on the stove. Then he made me a cake!

Chocolate with vanilla frosting.
It mightn't look like much, but it tastes good.
Country style ribs, mashed potatoes, cheesy garlic bread, corn & carrots.

And then he made dinner. Yummy! A very nice Valentine’s Day overall.

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  1. Yeah, I would so totally live there! There are so many writers and artists there. I can see myself writing a novel there … or an expose on racism in the south, lol.


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