Couponing Again!

Just got back from shopping. Spent $113.34 …

Here’s what we got:  Pantene Pro-V mousse, Pantene Pro-V detangler, 2 pkgs Always maxi-pads, bottle of Tide laundry detergent, 8-roll package of Bounty papertowels, Dawn ulta dish detergent, Colgate Total toothpaste, Tone body wash, 2 jugs Fab laundry detergent, 2 boxes Barilla penne pasta, 2 bags Green Giant baby carrots, 5 lbs ground beef, 3 2L bottles of Diet 7-Up, 4L skim milk, 2 1.5L jugs of red wine, 2 pkgs of deli sliced cheddar cheese, a Red Baron pizza, 5 boneless skinless chicken breasts, a carton of cigarettes and a half gallon of whiskey.

I think we did pretty good. And yes, I know there are some things on the list that really an unemployed couple pinching their pennies shouldn’t be buying like smokes and booze … but all that is apparently going away as part of our New Year’s resolution (god help me having to live with my hun in that cranky mood!)

In Virginia every trip to the grocery store cost well over a hundred dollars and usually closer to $200, then you’d add on the toiletries from the drug store or Wal-Mart and the booze from the ABC store and the smokes from Jo-Jo’s. Plus we had to drive a half hour each way to get to the shopping and back. We haven’t put any fuel in the truck since we got here and we still have a half tank. So, I’m optimistic that we’re saving cash by being here. We’ll save even more when the luxury items go away. It’s all good … and I only had to make my hun go through the line up three different times at CVS to get the most deals 🙂


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