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Wednesday night (or was it Thursday … all the days run together here) Jay worked until 9pm. He called to tell me he would be leaving for home soon and then about 15 minutes later he called back to tell me they had a change in plans. Jenny had called Joey to tell him she’d taken his car to Hopewell (close to Fort Lee where Zack is stationed) and he had to go pick it up. Apparently, she just up and decided to go for some reason, no discussion with anyone. She just loaded the kids, her cat, and maybe all of her possessions I’m not sure, into Joey’s car, drove herself down to Hopewell, parked the car in a mall parking lot and got her boyfriend to pick her up from there. Joey was pissed! Hell, Jay was pissed! Because then he had to leave the job at 9pm and take Joey to Hopewell, which is not very close to us. He didn’t get home until after 11. Then he had to do his paperwork, take a shower, eat, etc. Totally sucks when you get up at 5 every morning. I don’t know if Jenny will be back or what … not sure what’s going on with that.

On Thursday night I got to know a couple of more campground characters. I had been introduced to both women before at various events here, but had never had a real conversation with either one. Deb kept telling me how much she loves Micki, how she always thinks of her and brings her stuff, etc. Anyway, on Thursday evening Micki made some chicken and dumplings and brought a big pot over for Deb and Susie. Nancy was with her.

Let me tell you about Nancy. If she moved to the Rapids tomorrow all those old ladies with the perfectly curled short dark hair that never moves would think she was their long lost sister. I can’t get over how much she looks like them! Nancy loves animals. Every conversation she’s involved in somehow gets twisted to be about dogs or cats, horses and even goats. It’s remarkable to watch her start out talking about someone’s funeral or a favourite recipe and in the same breath bring it all back to her little dog, or your dog, or a deer she saw in the road. It’s quite the talent! Another interesting thing about Nancy is that she married her husband twice. They were married for something like 20 years but he ran around all the time and eventually left her for someone else, so they got divorced for five years and then he had a major heart attack, triple by-pass surgery or some such, and she was there for him in the hospital. Then they got back together and remarried on the same date they had first gotten married. They’ve been together another 14 or so years since then. I guess he’s been very well behaved ever since they got back together. The way she puts it is that men will always think the grass is greener and then when they go for it they find out it’s not.

Micki is a smallish tough as nails character. She’s not well put together all the time like her friend Nancy. If you ever watch the show “Big Love” Micki reminds me of the woman who plays Bill’s mother on the show. She’s got the same set to her jaw and that voice. It’s uncanny. This woman was raised on a ranch and in the rodeo circuit. She competed in something called goat wrangling, where you ride out on the horse, jump off and tie up the goat. Her fastest time is 9.2 seconds. I can’t even describe how much I love to listen to her tell stories, I think she’s just fascinating, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone like her. She’s given mouth to mouth to puppies right after they were born and they hadn’t started breathing on their own. She had to shoot one of her goats one time when it was attacked by wild dogs and was suffering too much to wait for the vet to come. Micki is fierce. I just feel like this is a woman who isn’t afraid to do anything. I get such a strong good vibe off her. I want to know her better.

Well, we’ve decided we’re not going to New York City for Thanksgiving. Jay actually conceded and said he’d take me, but he really didn’t want to go. I think the main thing for me was that he would do it for me. But ultimately I’ve decided Thanksgiving is just not the right time to go, it’ll be too hectic and crazy. I’d sooner go sometime when everyone in the country isn’t travelling trying to get someplace. So we’re going to go to Virginia Beach instead. It’s a lot closer, will be warmer, and in the off season like this we should be able to have a more restful and relaxing time, which is important right now with this crazy work schedule Jay’s been keeping up. I know if we went to New York it would just be go, go, go, for three days straight and then it would take another three days to recover when we got back. I don’t want that. I haven’t booked anything yet, but I think we’re going to stay at this place in a King room with jacuzzi. I spent some time looking at all the places and reading all the customer reviews. A lot of places down there seem to have parking and cleanliness problems … or even worse cockroaches, bed bugs, and thieving housekeepers! But this one has overwhelming positive reviews, it’s a chain I’m familiar with, and any of the negative reviews didn’t have to do with cleanliness or bugs, but more that the restaurant was slow, or the staff weren’t courteous … I can handle that, but safe and clean is a must! So I think we’ll go down on Wednesday and come back on Friday. It should be nice.

In final news, I seem to have picked up some sort of cold virus that’s going around Jay’s job site. He’s got it too, but not as bad as me. I’ve felt rotten for two days now. Sore throat, hacking cough, runny nose, general yucky feeling. Yesterday Oscar at Jay’s work sent home some pills for me that his mother had sent him and he said would fix me right up and make me better pretty quick. I was skeptical. Oscar is Mexican, his mother is in Mexico, all the info on the pills is written in Spanish … so I have no idea what they are! They could be anything. I’m not allergic to anything that I’m aware of though, so after Jay pestered me for awhile I said, “Fine! Give one to me! But I’ll have you know my mother would tear a strip off me for taking drugs from Mexico that I have no idea what they are!” This morning I did feel a little better, and whatever it is, it loosened up my chest so now I’m coughing up all kinds of crap, which is good to get rid of I’m sure. So Oscar is sending home more pills tonight … and yes, I’m going to take two and go to bed. Shh. Don’t tell Mom!

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    1. I googled the spanish name on the package and used the google translator to translate all the results to english. it seems to be an antibiotic that is only available in a handful of south american countries. the stuff i have was manufactured in guatemala … so far no adverse effects lol but i’m also really not feeling much better either 😦


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