Second Hand News

Two weekends ago we went to Deb & Dana’s place to take a look at their 2002 Montana Fifth Wheel that they have for sale. It hadn’t been cleaned up since the last time they used it a couple of years ago, so excuse any dirt or mess. Deb is a clean freak though, so if we were to buy it I know it would come to me in pristine condition.

Dining table & computer desk in corner.

I liked the computer desk corner, which the Rockwood we love doesn’t have. Also in the new Rockwood, the dining set is in a little slide so it’s a bit of a tight squeeze. So this lay-out was a plus for the Montana.

Looking into the kitchen from the main entry.

The island type counter is exactly what we’re looking for, and there’s a lot of counter and cupboard space (not quite as much as the Rockwood though, which also comes with the roll-away bread box and wine rack). It’s also kind of a tight squeeze back in that corner, not nearly as spacious as the Rockwood (and the Rockwood had the cherry wood, which both of us like better than the light oak look). The Montana on the other hand has a lazy susan pantry, which the Rockwood doesn’t.

The computer desk.

I could totally see myself sitting at the desk and working. It looked really cozy and nice with the window shades open.

Another view of the kitchen from over in front of the couch.

The microwave & stove are the same size as the ones we have now, 3 burner stove, small oven. I think the microwave in the Rockwood might have been a tad bigger, but the stove was the same. Not sure if we could order a larger one or not.

View of entrance & wall unit from over by kitchen table.

Jay didn’t like the colour of the carpet, where the TV was located, or that the refrigerator isn’t any bigger than the one we have now. The colour scheme in the Rockwood was nicer, and there was less carpet (I’m not big on carpet in general), plus it had the big ass TVs all over the place. The Montana doesn’t have central vac either, so if we went this way, we’d have to buy a vacuum cleaner.

You can roll out the sofa for a bed, stereo system overhead.

I sat on the couch and you could tell it had been hardly used, just like new. The stereo is older model though, with CDs and cassette tapes. But in the Rockwood the stereo also had built in DVD for the big assed TV in the living room.

Dining Room table.

This dining room set seemed sturdier and better made than the one in the Rockwood, and because it’s on the long slide out there’s also more leg room, etc.

Recliner & cabinet.

Hated the recliner, lol, though Jay rolled it out and said it was comfy. I’m not sure it actually came with the trailer or if they just put it in there. It didn’t seem to belong with the rest of the place. And I think I’d want to toss it if we bought this place.

Shower & bathroom sink.

A lot of the Fifth Wheels we’ve looked at are built like this, with the shower and sink just out in the open between the bedroom and downstairs. The toilet is in this little closet like room all by itself behind that door on the left. While the shower is bigger than what we have now, we really prefer to have the bathroom all together off by itself (like the Rockwood).

Standing in the corner of the bedroom looking out to toilet, living room, etc.

The full-length mirror was a plus for me, we don’t have any in our current place which kinda sucks.

Standing by the bathroom looking into the bedroom.

The bed is only a queen, which is what we currently have, but I believe the Rockwood was a king. I liked the double walk in closet with mirrors though. Lots more storage space in this one.

Vanity over the sink.

The vanity cabinet is smaller than the one we have now, which is packed to the gills with stuff, so I’m not sure how we’d fit everything into this one.

Montana is the top of the line in Fifth Wheels, a good brand, very well made. They have the extra insulation for cold weather, and lord knows we might end up in Nebraska yet, so cold weather could be an issue. This one is a 2002, which means it’s two years older than the Titanium we have now. They don’t want to make any money off it, just get the rest of their loan on it paid off … $20,000 and change. We’d have to buy the washer and dryer (it’s got the hook-up but they never bought it cuz they didn’t need it), a vacuum cleaner, new carpet, and Jay thinks the water heater is on its last legs. So that’s probably an extra $5000 to rig it up the way we’d want/need it to be.

If we were specifically looking to buy second-hand then yeah, I think this is the one we’d work with, it’s the nicest used one we’ve looked at by far. But neither one of us seems to be able to get that Rockwood out of our heads, and while it also wasn’t exactly what we wanted, when you buy new you have a lot of options open to you to customize the design to the specifications you want. So I think we’re just going to keep on keeping on in the one we’re in now, stick to the original plan and try to buy new next spring. We figure we should be able to get a good deal on this year’s model that is left-over on the lot. Fingers crossed it works out for us and we get exactly what we want.

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