Virginia Bound (Part I)

Where to even begin about this crazy move to VA! I guess just start at the beginning …

Last week was a CRAZY week! I mean freaking CRAZY! I thought Jay was going to go out of his mind trying to get everything taken care of before it was time to leave. The job supervisor, Stan, who had already gone ahead to VA kept raising Jay on the radio and telling him more stuff to bring. Plans kept changing. Another supervisor in Atlanta, Johnny, kept wanting the boys to go out on job sites & put in their hours, even though the jobs were basically at a standstill & they were all just standing around doing nothing … when there was so much left to do still! My husband was livid most of the time.

Jay tried to take Thursday off so we could take care of all the personal stuff we needed to do to get ready to leave, and while he did take it as a vacation day, he ended up going into the office for a few hours in the morning and then another hour in the afternoon and then another trip there right about dinnerΒ  time. In between we ran our errands, laundromat, CVS, Kroger, DMV, Ingles, Chase, Publix, K&D Shoes, etc.

When we were at the DMV getting the tags for his truck I took the opportunity to shoot a landmark in downtown Covington that you might recognize.

Can't really see it here ...
Can't really see it here ...

Do you remember the tv show “In the Heat of the Night” with Carrol O’Connor (aka Archie Bunker)? It was filmed in Covington so the old town hall was a familiar fixture in a lot of scenes.

Somewhat better, but still not great ...

If you ever see the show on, just pop in for a sec and you’ll see this street. It really hasn’t changed much since they filmed. This is the town square, which is just like the square in downtown Newcastle, where you come in on it and drive round and round, little shops all around.

View from street in front of DMV looking toward the back of old city hall.

The shots from the truck as Jay was whipping around trying to find a place to park, just weren’t working, so I took one from the street. It’s really the top tower that you’ll immediately recognize if you’ve seen the show.

The first major eff up (there have been numerous!) of the VA trip came mid-afternoon on Thursday as we were pulling into the Ingle’s parking lot so I could buy some coconut oil because lord knows where we’ll find any in the boonies. The original plan was for me, Jay & John to ride up together in Jay’s truck while Hubert and Brad followed us in the crew truck. But then we got the call … they had just discovered at the office that only 4 guys going to VA had driver’s licenses and could be covered by the company insurance … Jay, John, Hubert & one of the Mexican boys. There were 3 crew trucks coming up plus Jay’s personal truck. The Mexicans weren’t leaving for VA until Sunday, while we were all leaving on Friday. So John had to drive the crew truck we were taking with us, leaving Hubert to take the Mexicans second crew truck … which meant that Hubert couldn’t leave until Sunday now … and he doesn’t have a cell phone … and nobody could get a hold of him. That’s when the term “clusterf@#$” started flying around quite a bit. So we had to go get John, pick him up and take him to the yard to get the crew truck. As for Hubert … he found out Friday morning when he showed up at the yard at 6am suitcases in hand that he wasn’t going to VA until Sunday. He wanted to work the day instead, but they couldn’t find any job to send him to, so he ended up having to take another vacation day. Lemme tell ya, my hubby was not a happy camper over all this! Nobody should be forced into using up one of their vacation days. Jay’s still trying to get that fixed and make it right for Hubert.

We were supposed to take Grammie out for supper one last time on Thursday night but things were so screwed up there just wasn’t enough time. As it was Jay was still getting the camper ready to roll well after dark. Instead we ordered a pizza and cheesy bread from Dominos and I invited Grammie over to have some with me. Jack & Bobbi stopped by to say goodbye & wish us a safe trip just as the pizza delivery guy arrived. Then Mike got home from work & came over to do the same. And there were too many houseflies & it was too humid to eat outside anyway that I just took the food in the house and waited for everyone to leave. Luckily they didn’t stay long and the food was still warm by the time we got to eat. I gave Grammie the free six-pack of Snapple that I had won & picked up earlier at Kroger. It was kind of heavy so after dinner I carried it over to her house for her and we hugged and said goodbye. She had tears in her eyes & I had a lump in my throat. Jay said she cried too when he went over later to give her a hug goodbye. Ron came over for a few minutes but couldn’t stay because he was all choked up. Bill couldn’t even come over. It was all kind of sad, even though we’ve really wanted to get out of there for a long time now.

Friday morning we were up bright and early … but not as early as Brad. He was out sitting on the bumper of the crew truck when Jay went out at 6am. No idea how long he’d been there, maybe most of the night, because it seemed like Christy might have thrown another fit and kicked him out again. I guess she wasn’t too happy he was going to VA. I think poor Brad is probably getting the best rest and most sleep he’s gotten in years since being in the hotel here.

I snapped a few last pics at Riverside Estates before we got on the road around 7am.


That’s Fred. He is a howling hound dog who makes his rounds in C-Section usually every morning and evening. The Old Man, Ron, hates him with a passion because the dog (much like the rooster) has a habit of getting right underneath Ron’s camper at the bedroom and howling either really early in the morning or quite late at night. It’s funny to see the Old Man trying to run the dog off. I told you about the rooster too, didn’t I? He gets up in that same place and cockadoodledoos. And that’s freaking hilarious!

Jay putting our sewer hose on the crew truck.

One time when Jay and John were driving across country (from Nebraska to Georgia I believe) the sewer hose for the camper fell off Jay’s truck. John stopped, picked it up with his bare hands and put it in the trunk of his car. Can you say GROSS! So this time Jay told him if he lost it, just leave it and we’d buy a new one, lol.

All hooked up & ready to roll out.
Starting to pull out ...
Pulling out

That’s Brad there walking beside the camper. John says it was 7:06am when we left. And that’s when I finally got excited! lol Jay just kept saying, “See ya MotherFUers!” as we drove past all the campers and the office. We were happy to go. Hopefully we won’t end up in that terrible campground again if we go back to GA … which has become more questionable I’ve since found out, because the company is bidding more mainline work in VA.

Road sign telling us we're coming up on South Carolina.
Crossing the South Carolina state line.

You probably can’t tell but the day was super sunny, and even with sunglasses on I couldn’t see anything on my camera screen, so it was a point and click and hope for the best situation … so I totally missed the SC Welcome sign πŸ™‚

I thought Mom would like this picture of South Carolina with the water.
John & Jay at our first reststop in SC.

I think this is the reststop where I met an older couple going to Rode Island in their motorhome. They saw our Nevada plates and thought we were an awful long way from home and with a long way to go still. But it might have been later in North Carolina. I drove Jay pretty crazy tweeting the whole trip πŸ™‚

We stopped at a CrackerBarrel restaurant in Gaffney for breakfast. Jay wanted to stop in Gaffney because he always used to stop there on his way to NB with his mom at this truck stop where they made the best breakfast. Of course as we were pulling onto the Exit ramp, he suddenly remembered that the last time he was there it was gone. Luckily there was a CrackerBarrel close by. Our jaws all hit the ground when the hostess asked us if we wanted smoking or non. You don’t even get that in GA anymore! Even though you can smoke in most bars and nightclubs there. So I ended up sitting in the smoking section of a restaurant because all the boys smoke. So freaking weird! The boys all got bacon, eggs, hashbrowns & toast and I got the pecan pancakes. I didn’t really want the pancakes but they were all ready to order so I just said the first thing I saw on the menu that I might enjoy. And the pancakes were quite enjoyable! They came with a big ball of whipped butter on top and two jugs of heated real maple syrup. They gave me 3 pancakes but they were quite big and filling so I only ate one and a half before I was full.

Peach statue in Gaffney, SC.

I don’t know why they call them Georgia Peaches because all the peaches are in South Carolina. There were little stands along the highway everywhere selling them. In Georgia you never see that, it’s all about the peanuts there.

North Carolina State Line.

When I talked to Mom Thursday night she seemed so excited to see pictures from the Carolinas, but honestly SC was pretty much just like GA, so I didn’t snap too many shots. And then before you knew it we were in North Carolina, which was pretty much the longest trek of the trip.

…to be continued …

6 thoughts on “Virginia Bound (Part I)

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    1. Could have been SC, definitely not GA tho. In GA you see signs for boiled peanuts everywhere. But fireworks you seem to see everywhere! lol


    1. Probably be tomorrow before I get any more uploaded. Crazy busy here! And yeah, things get a whole lot nuttier after the VA state line lol!


  1. The trek to VA sort of reminds me of my trek to and from Alberta. Long journey for sure, but sort of fun to see all the sights.


    1. The trek from NB to AB is much longer. I don’t know if I’m cut out for that kind of move … though Nebraska keeps coming up in conversation as a possible next destination, which would be way far, lol. It should have only taken us 8 hours to get here if everything had gone okay along the way πŸ™‚


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