Moving, Trial Run

One of Jay’s main priorities since we found out we’d definitely be going to Virginia has been to get Grammie into a good spot in the park, so on Sunday morning we all moved from A Section, which is right beside the Interstate, back to C Section where it’s not only more quiet but there are a couple of neighbors on hand to help her if she needs it.

Ron (AKA the Old Man) pulling Grammie's camper out of A section.

That’s Grammie’s new to her following the accident silver SVU parked across the road by Brad’s camper (with the red Bronco beside it).

Jay getting our camper ready to roll.

It was my first time moving & I was surprised by how quick you can pull stakes and be on the road. I didn’t have to do much, just move some things inside so Jay could put the slide in. It was also a good lesson in what needs to be secured for the road, what things will fall and which cupboards you need to be careful to open when you arrive because stuff might have shifted in the ride.

All hooked up and ready to vacate A Section.

Because we were just changing spots in the same park, Jay made a second trip back to pick up propane tanks, his construction cones, extra blocking, and other odds ‘n ends. We’ve got so many propane tanks now that I don’t know how we’re going to get them all to Virginia. Jay says we might send some stuff on the crew truck that John’s driving up there.

Driving past our now empty spots en route to C Section.

That’s Forrest Gump’s camper with the black bronco in the drive. He lived behind me and Jay. The couple who live across the road, Barbara and I forget her husband’s name, turned out to be all right. She’s a little odd, but Jay helped him put a motor in a car over there and they got on okay.

Driving through the desolate B Section where Jay used to live until the flood.

After the last big flood, when even C Section flooded for the first time in a hundred years, everyone in B and C Sections moved up to A Section. Of course there wasn’t room for everyone so a lot of people had to live on the road in front of the office and some, like our friend Bill, even had to live on the side of the highway for a couple of weeks. B Section has been condemned and nobody can live there now. Not sure if they’ll ever be able to open it up again. It looks a lot better now than it used to when I first got here, since they got the grass growing again.

Jay's old spot in B Section.

When I first came down here last June/July to meet Jay for the very first time, this is the spot he was in, the first slab closest to the road with Ed & Elizabeth right behind him. As we were driving past and I snapped the picture, he was like, “What are you doing? Taking a picture of our tree?” πŸ™‚

Turning into C Section.

C Section has really emptied out in the past few months, got rid of a lot of the rift raft, drug dealers, etc. It’s mostly older people now, and SUPER quiet! It was the first thing I noticed when we setting up. I was like, “Good God! How will we ever sleep here?! We can hear ourselves think!”

Rounding the corner to our new spot, C-21.

That’s Grammie getting out of Ron’s truck, already backed into her new home.

Our new home base for the next week or so.

The heatwave broke late last week, but it’s still been pretty hot, especially with the sun beating on the camper all day in A-Section. But here we’ve got a ton of shade with all these trees around us, so it’s been noticeably cooler. The A/C will even shut off a lot during the day and doesn’t run all night now, which is kinda awesome.

Grammie settling in beside us.

The spots are a bit bigger, so we’ve got more space between our neighbors now, which is kinda nice.

Our new view across the road.

That’s Bill’s little camper on the left and the Old Man’s fifth wheel on the right. Right now there aren’t many campers in the middle pull-through lots, which is nice too.

All set up again, lickety split.

That’s our new awning we just got last week, first time we put it out. Ron & Bill took out Grammie’s for her too and secured it super good so it shouldn’t blow away in the wind on her and she won’t have to pull it back in. She hadn’t had it out in years and it was a little mildewed but Brad came down Sunday afternoon and washed her camper for her and scrubbed the awning too, so it’s okay now.

Jay and Grammie at our picnic table.

That’s Ron sitting at the other end. Sunday evening he had us all over to his place for a 4th of July BBQ supper (country style ribs, baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw and garlic bread) then we came over to our picnic table to sit around in the shade because the campers on the other side get all the evening sun and it’s pretty hot over there.

Me, Ron & Grammie.

The Old Man didn’t want to pose for any pics, but I talked him into it, told him I needed keepsakes just in case we don’t get back here for some reason.

Acting the fool!

One of the reasons Jay and Ron get along so well … Jay was yelling, “Grab their titties!” when he was snapping the shots.

Caught Jay by surprise with the camera.
What the hell you doing Woman?!
Jay and Grammie.

I think she’s getting ready to swat him for grabbing her butt! πŸ™‚

But they love each other πŸ™‚
Jay again.
Grammie, Bill and Jay's arm.
Bill and me.

I’m laughing, trying to explain to Jay how to operate the camera to take the picture.

So I got him to take another one, a little better maybe?
Our new sattellite dish we got installed on Monday.
The stinking junk behind Grammie's neighbor's camper.

On the other side of Grammie lives Bob. Bob has plates from Indiana and an accent to match. He’s 72. He’s had a stroke and lost everything a hundred times over. Him and his wife lived in their Honda for awhile until they bought this run-down camper from the former meth dealers in the park. “It’s a real fixer upper!” he says. And he’s not freaking kidding! This place is covered with tarps to keep the rain out. His whole yard is full of junk. When we first moved in Grammie noticed a smell. Later that evening Jay checked it out and nearly puked. He knocked on Bob’s door and got him out here where he explained the people who lived here before us had oysters and saved the shells for him for compost cuz he’s planning to put a garden out back. They’d just been laying back there in the heat for weeks! Jay buried them and nearly died gagging the whole time. Bob talks a lot … A LOT! And he’s deaf in one ear so he yells and he doesn’t hear you when you try to talk to him. That black barrel stinks to the high heavens too. Last night we had everyone over here for dinner. I made butter chicken, basmati rice, naan bread and salad. Nobody had ever had Indian food before but they seemed to like it okay. Bill really enjoyed it for sure and I gave him all the leftovers. Afterward me, Jay and Grammie were sitting at the picnic table when Bob came over to see if the smell was better. Jay has ZERO patience for him, so there were words, some finger pointing, an altercation of sorts. I thought Jay was going to lose it and beat the old guy up, but I managed to get him calmed down enough and back in the house. Later when I was running the left-overs over to Bill I noticed Bob had carted the black barrel away. It’s still not ideal, lots of junk lying around. I just hope we get out of here without any more confrontations.

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