Birthday Week in Review (Part III)

…continued from Part II…

Yes, the closer we got to home, the better my hun started to feel, as you can plainly see from watching this little video I took of him.

😀 If you think that’s bad you should hear his rendition of Roxanne … he’s no Sting that’s for damn sure!

A quick stop at the store to pick up my Sunday papers for coupons and we were home again, home again, jiggity jig. Click here to watch a very little video (cuz I was totally out of disk space) of the Yellow River and pulling up on the trailer park. You can just see our Titanium at the very end. Great spot to live, don’t ya think? NOT!

We were both pretty tired when we got home. But hun unloaded the truck and I put everything away pretty quickly. Then it was time to decide what to have for dinner. AND this is where we blew the whole $75 for groceries this week thing. Having had a weekend filled with indulgences, we reverted back to our old spending ways and decided to keep indulging. In fact, hun wants to keep on the carbs for a couple of more days in order to squeeze in some special treats. So despite having a house full of food, off we went to Ingle’s to buy stuff for dinner and beyond. I didn’t even bother to take my coupon envelope with us.

We got a can of Heinz Ranch Style beans (because it looked like there would be no left-overs type of food for his lunch today and he likes these beans with wieners & jalepeno peppers cut up in them), 2 bottles of Heinz mushroom gravy, a snack sized package of Peanut Butter Moon Pies, a package of six whole wheat hoagie rolls, 2L Sprite Zero, a package of Colby cheese, a package of centre cut pork chops already tenderized, 2 packages of filet mignons (4 steaks), a package of ribeyes (2 steaks), a 201b bag of ice, a bag of crinkle cut french fries, a package of mushrooms and 3 baking potatoes. This set us back a whopping $60.28, with $10.49 in savings.

Steak sandwiches were on the menu for last nite’s dinner. Jay went over and asked Grammie if she wanted one and we made her one too. She got two of the filets on a bun with melted colby cheese, and we each had a ribeye, smothered in cheese, and sauteed shrooms and onions. We had french fries on the side. I sent Grammie a piece of my birthday cake too. Unfortunately, Jay dropped the whole thing in the grass just as he got to her door. The steak was salvageable (she washed it off) but the bun & cheese was history. We did up another plate and sent over more fries, onion, mushrooms and cake. Despite my clumbsy hun’s mishap, dinner was excellent!

Tonight we’re having pretty much the same thing, only it’s going to be pork sandwiches & Grammie’s not invited, lol. Tomorrow night he wants to have hamburger steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. THEN we’re going back to the low-carb thing big style, cuz frankly I feel like shit. And I know if we continue to go nuts the pounds will creep back a helluva lot faster than they fell off.

So all in all it was a pretty good week and a wonderful weekend filled with self-indulgence and much pampering. He’s wild and crazy some of the time (well, most of the time) but he loves to spoil me and he takes good care of me. I don’t think I could ever want anything more in a man. Yes, he’s a little rough around the edges, but he loves me more than life. I enjoyed our so-called First Honeymoon and am already looking forward to the second one (he wants to go on a Carribbean Cruise, but it’ll have to wait, first Vegas, then NB, THEN we’ll talk!)

Now to get back on track with work and finances and regular day to day life.

4 thoughts on “Birthday Week in Review (Part III)

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  1. Wow that was quite the trip 🙂 Glad you had a good time.The cake looked delicious and the ice cream sounds awesome.Good luck with getting back on track.You looked like you lost weight since I last saw you 🙂


    1. That cake is gonna be the death of me! 🙂 The ice cream is awesome, but we soooo gotta stop this now and get back on track lol. I have lost some weight based on the way my clothes feel, but it won’t last long if we stay off the wagon 🙂


  2. I agree with Carol. Your face looks skinnier. Jay’s too.
    Glad you had an awesome weekend away! Looks like a place me and my hon would LOVE!


    1. Yeah, I can really notice it in Jay’s face, and his belly has shrunk too. So much easier for men. I think you guys would have liked it there for sure.


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