Another Week in Review

Last week was kind of a rough one for me. My period had been due to arrive the week before on Tuesday, so by last Tuesday I was a week late. Jay was all excited because he thought I might be pregnant and I’d told him we’d get a home pregnancy test if nothing happened after a full week late. But I knew I wasn’t with child. I had been having cramps off and on since the Saturday evening before the Tuesday when I was supposed to start. I also had crazy cravings for chocolate and salty stuff, huge PMS mood swings and bitchiness, and I was retaining water like nuts! My stomach felt like it had tripled in size from puffiness. I figured I wasn’t pregnant, but I might be in for one of those bad periods I get occasionally now that I’m older, with super heavy flow filled with many clots (which equals mega cramps).

Early Tuesday morning the severe cramping started. At times it gets so bad that I literally can’t do anything but lay down in the fetal position. It takes my breath away, it’s so painful, and I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. I can handle the severe pain for a day or so, but it’s so bad that I almost faint by times, which isn’t great for being up and around and getting stuff done. And this after over a week of almost constant easier cramps … not good! I started spotting by bedtime Tuesday night, and I hoped maybe I might wake up with the cramping part past on Wednesday morning, but it wasn’t to be.

Instead I tossed and turned for hours, drifting in and out of pain induced nightmares, until around 3:30 am when I couldn’t handle it anymore and I broke down and took some ibuprofen. I don’t take as much pain reliever as I used to do. Jay is anti-drug and never takes anything himself. He gets upset when he sees me popping a lot of pills and I’ve found since I’ve started taking things less frequently, now, when I do, they upset my stomach and make me feel faint. The pills numbed the pain enough (though didn’t take it completely away) so I could sleep for a few hours.

I intended to just get up and get Jay off to work on Wednesday morning, then go back to bed, but once I was up, I found myself wide awake so I said I’d just work and stuff and then nap later if I was tired. I never got tired though, so I stayed up all day without a nap. By the time I got up Wednesday morning I had soaked through a super tampon and two pads, which was pretty much the way things ran every few hours for the rest of the week. It was one of those periods where you stand up after sitting for 20 minutes and everything just whooshes out, ruining your pants. It was very clotty, so the cramps never went away. Everyday Jay would get home from work and be horrified by how pale I was.

Luckily we didn’t need to go out for anything until Thursday, when Jay ran out of milk. Even though I still felt pretty crappy and was bleeding badly, I stuffed myself full of tampons and layered pads and we went out to go to Ingle’s. Jay wanted to go have a drink with the old man (Ron, our friend who lives at the other end of the park) and because we haven’t seen him in quite awhile I said I’d go, but just for one because I didn’t want to be out and about too long in case I had an incident. We didn’t stay long, just one glass of wine and a double 7 & Seven ($9.25) then we went to Ingle’s next door to pick up the milk. I also wanted to pick up some more of our special RV toilet paper because most of my dollar off coupons were about to expire in the next couple of days. We got 2 pkgs of 4 rolls, 2L Diet 7-Up, a gallon (4L) skim milk, and a 20 lb bag of ice. Total cost $12.09, with $2 in savings.

After leaving Ingle’s I was still feeling like things down below were okay, so we nipped over to K-Mart in the same plaza to check out their Coleman cooler sale. Jay’s been needing a new cooler and I’d noticed them in the flyer. We got a big one, double-insulated for extreme weather (it’s been super hot here and only gonna get hotter) on sale for $27.99. The comparable Igloo ones that we had checked out at Wal-Mart the weekend before ran about $55, so I thought this was a pretty good deal. While we were shopping we also picked up a new pepper mill because ours broke and a 2 pack of coffee mugs because I’d had an incident the day before where the old mug I’d been using fell apart (as I was lifting it to take a drink, spilling a full cup of tea all over the freaking table, floor, chair, etc.). The grinder works awesome! I love my new mugs (pics posted on Twitter)! And Jay loves his new cooler, plus it works really well and the ice lasts a lot longer. We also got a K-Mart Advantage card while we were there, so now we’re collecting points or getting extra discounts or something … it’s good at Sears too. Shopping spree total was $41.46 with savings of $10.

By Friday I was so iron deficient from losing so much blood, that I was craving red meat, so I took steaks out for dinner. I made a caesar salad, baby carrots, and sauteed mushrooms & onions to go with them. Our neighbour, Brad, came over while Jay was grilling the steaks and the boys had drinks. It was super humid outside, and I didn’t feel the best anyway, so I just stayed in the house and watched tv while I waited for dinner. When Jay brought the steaks in, I just went straight into eating, because I know my husband and figured he’d be awhile still outside with Brad before he ate dinner, if he even ever got around to it, so if I waited to eat with him I’d frigging starve to death. I ate, had a glass of wine, finished watching a movie on HBO, and still no husband. He nipped in and out, mixing drinks, checking on me to see how I was feeling, hoping I was well enough to join them outside, nibbling on his steak and fixings.

I could hear Brad’s woman out there. She’s the really loud one, for some reason she thinks she needs to talk louder than anyone else in order to be heard or something. Needless to say, she and I aren’t ever gonna be great friends, because that is soooo the opposite of me, and I get mega annoyed with loud people, have very little tolerance for them (remember the guy from Woodstock that I throttled!)

The movie ended around 10 and I decided I’d just put Jay’s dinner in the fridge and go to bed. While I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, I noticed Kristy’s voice was even louder than normal, and Brad was yelling too. I listened and wondered what was going on … and where was my husband? I couldn’t hear his voice in there anywhere. The shouting went on for about 10-15 minutes, just when I’d think it was over it’d start up again.

A month or so ago, Brad and Kristy got in a fight at their house with lots of shouting and her beating the hell out of him, and someone called the police. I’ve always had the sneaky suspicion it was Forrest Gump who lives right behind us. I know it wasn’t us or Grammie or the welder/boat guy who lives on the other side of Grammie. And Forrest is an army guy who’s a little high strung and if you’ll remember Grammie says, “A little light in the head.” I knew he’d just been outside trying out his new BBQ (because Jay had to show him how to prep the grill and light it). I didn’t want the cops at our place because my husband was intoxicated and he doesn’t generally like the po-po, so even if he had nothing to do with this domestic, there was a chance he’d mouth off and end up getting his ass hauled off to Newton County.

So finally I just lost it, because it didn’t seem like Jay had the situation under control at all based on all the yelling going on. I threw open the camper door to find my husband standing in between them trying to keep her from hitting Brad. Not good! I was like, “What the fuck is going on?” Kristy said Brad touched one of her kids and NOBODY messes with her kids. I was like, “Well, that’s your business, but if you all wanna fight, do it in your own yard and not in mine.” She said that was right and she was going home anyway. Then I went back in the house.

Apparently she left right then, took the kids and the dog with her, and things quieted down. Jay came in after a bit and said I’d run her off and he was going to stay outside for a bit with Brad because now he didn’t want to go home and have to deal with her. I went up to bed and called Mom, talked for almost an hour, then went outside to check things out. Brad says she’s bi-polar and not taking any meds. This kind of stuff apparently goes on a lot and has been in the six years that they’ve been together. One of her kids kicked him in the head for no reason … though Jay said they’d all been wrestling earlier, so maybe it was just a case of the kid not knowing the game was over yet, I’m not sure. The one kid who did the kicking has Down’s Syndrome or something, and the other one is mildly autistic, ADHD, etc. They’re just all messed up. And they’re not his kids, they’ve each got different fathers, so his authority in their handling seems to always be in question.

Brad left after about 20 minutes to go look for scrap metals in the park, and I found out the next day that he slept all night in his truck. I haven’t really seen Kristy since. Moving to Virginia looks better and better every day. If we go, Brad might come with us. Jay finally got him hired onto his crew. Today is his first day. I hope it works out, because the company wasn’t very interested in hiring and Jay really went to bat for him, so he’ll have a black mark against him if it turns out poorly. I do think it would do the boy good to get away from his woman and her kids and all those pets in that tiny camper, so I hope he does good and gets to go out of state with us.

Saturday morning we got up pretty early to get all our travelling out of the way before it got too hot. Of course, here it’s hot at all hours, so you can never really beat the heat. The temperature has been running in the mid 90’s and the humidex puts it well into the triple digits. It’s not like home where it cools off in the evenings. It just keeps getting hotter and hotter, until the hottest point of the day around 7 or 8pm, as long as the sun is up, it’s getting hotter.

We had to go to the bank to deposit some reimbursement cheques Jay got for stuff he needed to buy for work and to transfer money into his ex-wife’s account because he got her to renew the tags on the camper. I could have done it online, but they had the address wrong and the only way to change it is to write a letter or go in person. The tags run out today, so there just wasn’t time to do the paperwork snail mail. But she changed the address to his Dad’s place, so from now on we can look after it ourselves. It’s still a big item of contention between me and Jay that his ex remains so involved in our lives, but we’re working through it.

After the bank we went to Publix in the same plaza. I like this one a lot better than the other one we’ve been going to the past couple of weeks. It’s bigger and cleaner and seems to have a lot more selection. I wanted to get some more of the Newman’s Own salsa while it was still on sale two for $4 and before my coupons expired. I also wanted to check out whether they still had wine on sale for $7.99. While we were travelling around the store I stumbled upon a few good “blinkies” and picked up some great coupons for Bicks pickles, Kraft cheese, etc. Blinkies are those machines you find throughout a store by products that spit out manufacturer coupons. I think they have those in Canada.

We got two 1.5L bottles of wine (they were still on sale!), 4 jars of salsa, and I found a good BOGO deal on Mount Olive pickles, so we got two jars of pickles. Publix doubles coupons up to 50 cents so I ended up getting the salsas for a buck each, totally can’t beat that! Plus it’s my favourite brand of salsa, so that’s a bonus. Total cost was $23.45 with savings of $11.54. I felt pretty good about that.

After Publix, we headed back to Covington to go to CVS. It was the last day to take advantage of the Cover Girl make-up deal, buy $15 worth of CG products and get $5 in extra bucks. I’ve needed new make-up since January when we went to Savannah. I forgot most of my stuff in the hotel room when we checked out. Actually I’ve needed it since before then because normally I buy all new make-up for myself at Christmastime but I didn’t do that last year. John had also told Jay that cigarettes were cheaper at CVS (though he exaggerated how cheap, they are about 50 cents cheaper than the corner store) so Jay wanted to check that out and get a few packs. (Yes, he’s still smoking … maybe we’ll get him back on track to quit soon.)

I had a coupon for $2 off a Cover Girl Lash Exact Fusion mascara and 2 coupons for $1 off any CG make-up. I also had $12 in CVS extra bucks left-over from last weekend. Jay got 4 packs of Marlboro Lights and I got the mascara, a lipstick, a lip gloss, a blush set of 3 shades, and one of those powder to liquid foundation compacts. When we left Jay was like, “Where’s the savings?! I don’t see it!” but he’s never bought make-up before, lol, so he has no idea. Total cost $38.59, with savings of $19.23, plus we earned another $5 extra bucks to use on our next CVS purchase. I thought that was pretty darn good!

We noticed an automatic coupon dispenser while we were at CVS. I had heard about these things from the Qpon Qutie blog, but I didn’t know what it was and I hadn’t seen one in our store before. It’s just a machine by the door. When you come in you scan your CVS card and it spits out two coupons. We tried it for the first time and got a coupon for BOGO Godiva chocolates and another with savings on some kind of allergy medication. Kinda cool! I don’t know how often the deals change, probably once a week.

After CVS we stopped into Ingle’s again on our way home. I wanted to use more of the toilet paper coupons because they were expiring. We ended up buying a whole chicken and a rib eye steak, 3 pkgs of 4-roll RV toilet paper and another 20 lb bag of ice (tho Jay was quite happy to report that he still had quite a bit of ice left, the new cooler works good!) Total cost $18.91, with savings of $5.22.

We shared the steak for dinner with all the left-overs from Jay’s uneaten dinner the night before, plus he grilled a kielbasa sausage, which I didn’t much care for without drenching it in BBQ sauce. We ended up spending hours on the phone to NB when I called to congratulate Lee and Charlotte on their upcoming nuptials. Got to talk to everyone a little bit, but Jay kept stealing the phone. He really wanted to do the webcam thing and see everyone (even though our internet bandwidth is almost over the limit and won’t reset until Wednesday) but I kept explaining that it wouldn’t work on Gary & Sherry’s dial up very well and Jason’s Satellite internet wouldn’t stretch that far. My tech challenged hun didn’t seem to understand the concept of dial up very well though. It was great to talk with everyone though. I know we both wished we could have been there … even though he definitely would have been the guy on the roof yelling “I am a golden god!” 🙂

Yesterday morning Jay got up at 5am, went on the computer for a bit and farted around for an hour then came back to bed for an hour. By 7 he was gone to the store to pick up my Sunday Atlanta Journals for coupons. He brought me back a coffee and I got up to begin scanning the sales and clipping. He did the laundry for me (I folded and put away), then we were off for our regular Kroger shopping. We really didn’t need much, but we splurged so Jay could make steak, shrimp & chicken quesadillas for dinner (which kind of ruined what would have been a pretty good shopping week).

For the first time in months I actually had make-up to wear! I’m loving the new foundation, mascara and lipstick! I was iffy on the foundation but Jenn had said one time that was the kind she was using now so I gave it a shot and I love it! Very smooth!

We got a dozen eggs, 2 pkgs of taco seasoning, a bag of vidalia onions, 4 ears of corn, a bunch of bananas, a package of portabella mushrooms, another 20 lbs of ice, 2 cases of bottled water, 4 boxes of Green Giant frozen veggies, 3 2L bottles of Sprite Zero, a gallon of milk, 2 ribeye steaks, a bag of Kraft shredded cheese, a couple of pounds of shrimp, a 3lb box of bacon, a large bottle of Tide laundry detergent (60+ loads), 2 big boneless skinless chicken breasts, 5 lbs of ground beef, 3 bottles of Ken’s Steakhouse salad dressing (ceasar & ranch), and a six pack of 500ml bottles Diet Pepsi. The Tide was on for $9.99 which was a great price, but I had a coupon for 35 cents off which I knew they’d double to 70 cents PLUS I had an electronic coupon loaded onto our Kroger card for 50 cents which I thought they’d stack (if it worked, I never used the electronic coupons before). And it all worked! So we actually got the Tide for $8.79, which is an awesome price! Total cost $82.70, with savings of $29.07.

The CVS is right down the road from Kroger (and kind of out of the way to go to on a regular basis) so after we did groceries Jay wanted to nip by there and get some more cigarettes. I didn’t even go in, just waited in the truck, but reminded him to scan his card at the door and see what the coupons were. They were the same ones as the day before, which wasn’t too exciting, but my hun decided to use the Godiva chocolates one right then and got me two bags as an early birthday surprise. Yay! Dark chocolate truffles! They’re regularly priced $4.99 each (which I think is too much & would never pay) but he bought one, got one free with the coupon (which puts them at about $2.50 each, which is much more reasonable & I’d totally pay!). He got 4 more packs of cigarettes, 2 bags of chocolates and donated a dollar to ALS. Total cost $23.48, with savings of $6.23. I could have given him the $5 extra bucks, which would have brought the cost down, but he didn’t earn any extra bucks on this purchase, so I decided to hold onto them for other things.

We stopped by Ingle’s on the way home to see if they had any romaine lettuce, because Kroger had been out. They not only had it, but I realized immediately that the brand they carry is one that I have coupons for. Yay! We got a head of romaine and a bag of shredded lettuce, which we forgot at Kroger to go with our quesadillas. Total cost $4.01 (but since Jay didn’t have a penny, the cashier let us away at $4 … hey, every penny saved! lol) with savings of only 55 cents.

When we came home I did the dishes and then Jay made the quesadillas. He highjacked my Twitter account for awhile (sorry everyone) and then we just pulled out the couch to a bed and laid around all afternoon and evening until bedtime. My favourite kind of day! It was just too hot to be outside or even up in the bedroom in the heat of the day. Jay took Grammie over a quesadilla. She said she might be around later after the sun went down, but I guess she decided to stay in instead. It really didn’t even cool off after dark yesterday.

When I figured out our total spending for this week I left off the Kmart shopping and the make-up stuff, because those were extras that we don’t normally do. The house seems to have swallowed my paper but it was around $140 spent I think and savings around $50, which is totally not fabulous (even though we bought a lot of toilet paper this week) and I blame it entirely on the urge to splurge for quesadillas, lol!

This week we’ll have to do our shopping early because we’re going away for the weekend on account of my birthday. We are both so excited to be getting away! I cannot freaking wait! I’ll be sure to take lots of pics to tweet next Monday. I think it’s going to be a great little getaway. We had to get the deal that includes breakfast each morning because apparently they only let you stay without a meal package through the week, not weekends. The girl said we wouldn’t be disappointed though, it’s a buffet breakfast and apparently very yummy. We’ve got a kitchenette in the cabin and we’re taking our BBQ so we’ll cook the rest of our meals. I’ve already told Jay next weekend he can eat whatever he wants and I’m even thinking I’ll go hog wild and buy some of those potato chips that are on sale this week that I also have coupons for! There could also be some ice cream in store for me this week … maybe even some DEEP FRIED ice cream! 🙂 I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Well at least I am not the only one losing the smoking battle with her hubby 😦

    Man, you guys seem to buy a ton of food. WAY more than me and I have a family of four to feed! lol


    1. Yeah, lots of meat too, which really adds up. Though lately I’ve also been stocking up on stuff, everything is bulging full now, lol, soon gotta slow down, just can’t seem to resist a good deal though 😀


  2. Glad I got the chance to talk to you, even if it was for a brief moment. Hope you have an awesome birthday weekend away. Can’t wait to read all about it and see pics!


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