Living La Vida Low Carb!

My husband can cook … and he does! Lots!

I’ve always wanted a man who could cook, but this could be a case of be careful what you wish for cuz it might come true. You see, the things my sweetie can cook really well and the things he’s grown accustomed to eating all the time are not very healthy. I haven’t eaten so much chicken alfredo, caesar salad, mashed potatoes, gravy, meat loaf, rib eye steaks, baby back ribs drenched in spicy BBQ sauce, fried chicken, sour cream & cheese stuffed baked potatoes, chicken salad sandwiches, chocolate bars, cookies, etc. in all my life!

Well, maybe not all my life, those university years were kinda fast food infested, but I’ve eaten more junk in the past six months than I probably have in the last five years put together. And a couple of weeks ago I noticed my pants were feeling a little snug.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being spoiled with breakfast in bed and feeling pampered by long romantic dinners where my every desire is anticipated and fulfilled … but if this continues I’m gonna turn into a 200 pound marshmallow! It’s time to take control of the food on our table.

He would say he has never eaten so much boneless skinless chicken breasts in all his life than he has since he’s met me, and he frequently tells people I’ve got him on a diet of nuts and berries, so I haven’t been entirely negligent in the kitchen, I have been gradually influencing his dietary choices. He hasn’t been cooking every night, just on weekends. I’ve converted him to skim milk, which was pretty big. I’ve got him trying and enjoying vegetables that he never knew existed. I taught him how to read the labels on products and got him in the habit of actually reading them before he buys something. I even got him to do a brown rice detox with me for five days.

But I hadn’t been able to get him to give up his whiskey entirely or at least mix it with something less toxic than Sprite. And I hadn’t been able to stop him from munching on cookies all night long when he gets up and sleepwalks to the fridge. And I hadn’t convinced him that chips and chocolate bars were not good snacks to munch on throughout the day at work.

Until now!

About a week and a half ago I introduced my hun to a new way of eating, the low-carb way. And he’s completely embraced it! He’s started using Diet 7-Up instead of Sprite as a mixer for his whiskey. He gave away all his processed packaged foods he always keeps on hand in his truck. We haven’t bought any cookies or chocolate bars. When he gets up in the middle of the night he snacks on tossed salad or left-overs from dinner. There is no bread in the house. And no potatoes! I’ve been making a faux mashed potato dish out of cauliflower that he really likes. The other night I introduced him to curry and he loved it! He’s eating chickpeas, even taking them in his lunch for work. This week we’re trying turkey bacon (that needs to grow on both of us). And probably most impressive of all … he’s started drinking water! So much so that we needed to buy him his own case of water for the truck.

Already my clothes are fitting the way they should and I’ve noticed his belly is starting to disappear.

Last night I made low-carb swiss steaks using some deer sirloin our neighbor gifted us awhile back. He loved it! Me, not so much, because I just can’t make myself like deer meat no matter how hard I try, but I ate a little anyway. There were plenty of leftovers for his lunch today. Tonight I’m baking chicken breasts in a low-carb cheese sauce. Tomorrow I might do a pork tenderloin.

It feels so good to get back to my way of eating and get away from some of the junk that I’ve been consuming recently. Hopefully he’ll continue to open himself up to trying new recipes and foods.

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  1. I need to get some of these low-carb recipes from you. Carbs are what I love the most…and sweets.

    Have you tried the baked lays and the 100-cal treats you can buy? They help trim the waist-line as well.


  2. I have tried the baked Lays & 100 cal treats, they’re pretty good. Normally I just don’t eat any of that stuff at all. I like dark chocolate (85% cocoa) which is good for you and those whole grain Tostito chips, which aren’t that great for you, lol, but I just love! It’s Jay’s snack tooth I’ve got to keep an eye on. I’ve got him off everything all together with hopes that I can introduce healthier versions later and he’ll enjoy them. I would like to do some baking, but I don’t know, my equipment is limited right now 🙂 Google low-carb recipes and you can find tons of fun stuff!


  3. Great to come across this. I just started week 3 of my low carb diet (South Beach). Since being on Prednisone I gained 50lbs in one year. After some internet research I found low-carb diets are the only way to lose weight while on prednisone. Two weeks down and I’ve lost 7lbs. Now if only I would get off my lazy butt and excersise, I bet I could shed even more. Good luck to you!


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