Low Carb Run Down Day 1

Despite having my husband home all day due to rain, I actually didn’t do too bad in my quest to eat low-carb yesterday. He, on the other hand, totally sucked the big one by having numerous cocktails beginning pretty early & lasting throughout the day. Whiskey & Sprite. Nothing low-carb about that.

Our dynamic reminds me so much of me & Stacy sometimes, it’s not even funny. His birthday is the day before hers, so they are kind of astrologically on the same plain, lol. Yesterday cocktails for him was like my and Stacy’s last DQ Blizzard excursions. The last drinks, the last cigarettes, before he gets on board. The difference is with Stacy I would happily embrace the last Blizzard, most likely suggest it myself, lol, but I stuck to my guns with Jay, telling him I’d had my last glass of wine for a bit, it was too rainy for margaritas and too humid for brandy hot chocolate, & I was gonna start low-carb with or without him. Plus with Stacy we’d only have ONE Blizzard, we wouldn’t have to clean out the DQ of all its ice cream and Blizzard ingredients … unlike my husband who seemed to be on a mission to empty the liquor cabinet. We had such a quiet weekend, very little cocktailing that I probably should have seen that one coming, but oh well.

I explained to him the concept of sugar and hunger and how when you have sugar you feel hungrier, crave more sugar, EAT MORE! And how carbs even in healthy food like fruit and whole grain breads turn into sugar in our bodies. And no this did not mean he could never have an orange or a sandwich or a potato again, but for a week or two or three, these things were going AWOL, we’ll introduce some gradually later, and believe it or not you won’t even want them only in limited healthy amounts if you eat like I tell you to … He doesn’t believe it, lol.

So he came home from work & a couple of hours later I made us a low-carb breakfast. A round slice of ham, halved, cheddar & an egg. I fried the ham a bit in some olive oil, put cheese in between the halves to melt, piled an over-easy egg on top. He looked at me like I was nuts! “This is it?! This is all I get?!” I ate my breakfast & felt content for hours. He ate his (with a cocktail) and nearly starved to death all day. I was like, trust me hun, if you did it right like me, you would not be starving. But at least we both agreed that breakfast was yummy and a nice change from fried chicken, biscuits, gravy, pancakes, etc.

Around lunch time I felt a slight hunger, and he tried every way in the world to talk me into going out for either pizza buffet or the country cooking buffet at Thomas’. But I held firm & finally brought up our bank account to show him that eating out this week really isn’t a responsible choice. So he ate a little penne, chicken & alfredo left over from the Sunday night dinner I whipped up when he decided it was too windy to burn the ribs, and I ate a handful of almonds. I didn’t measure, just ate until I felt content again, and I was good through dinner.

For dinner Jay was going to cook the ribs he hadn’t cooked the night before. We had one baking potato left, so I figured since he really wasn’t doing it right anyway, he could have the baked potato with his (get it out of the house to reduce any temptation I might feel) and I’d just have salad with mine. But somewhere along the line he got rather intoxicated, & invited Grammie over for dinner.

This is something that drives me nuts. He gets a buzz, invites people to dinner, then just as it’s time for him to start cooking, he gets lazy, crashes and wants to sleep. He’s done this to Ron a few times, and when Ron shows up for dinner, I always end up sending him away with my sincerest apologies. Then I’ll make a sandwich or something & just let Jay sleep … because trust me, when he’s at the end of a day of drinking I am just plain wore out and need a little quiet time to myself.

But when Grammie knocks, he gets up and makes dinner, which in some ways is worse than sending her home on an empty stomach, because as much as I love visiting with her, we have to put up with him! lol So the dinner plan changed slightly, I figured he and Grammie could split the potato (it was a big one) and I’d stay low carb with just salad and ribs. I checked his BBQ sauce and it wasn’t bad carb-wise, plus I planned to pat it with a paper towel before eating.

Oh but then Grammie shows up and she’s brought dessert. And not just a cake or pie or something that I could claim I didn’t like but a freaking container of butter pecan ice cream! Oh no! Carb sabotage!

Luckily Grammie is a bit health conscious herself, so she bought Breyer’s All Natural and it’s not bad at only 14g of carbs per half cup. So I indulged a bit with her, had about a half cup, and felt okay about it. But then she refused to take the rest of it home with her, so now I’ve got temptation lurking in my freezer. Today will be a test of will power because it’s really really REALLY yummy!

So anyway, I didn’t do half bad for my first day, and noticeably felt less bloated etc. by bedtime. This morning I sent Jay to work with a mug of green tea, a breakfast dish of scrambled eggs, 2 slices of bacon, a slice of ham & one of cheddar. He’s got the left-over ribs & salad for lunch. And some celery sticks for snacking. His cooler is full of cold water and I told him it’s really important that he drinks a lot of it. He put on a patch, to begin again the quit smoking. And I do believe he had a bit of a hang-over, so he shouldn’t be wanting a drink today. I’m baking chicken breasts for dinner and trying to make some faux mashed potatoes out of cauliflower to go with along with salad. So all should be well for a successful day of low-carbing. Hopefully he doesn’t give in to any cravings while he’s out, either with carby food or cigarettes. I’ve told him we just really do not have the money this week to indulge in things off the plan, so that might be enough extra motivation to keep him on track.

Meanwhile, I’m stoked to get back to myself and my way of eating!

4 thoughts on “Low Carb Run Down Day 1

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  1. I know it is hard to eat right when everyone else is buying stuff not good for you,lol.S buys ice cream and I can’t resist the temptation most of the time here alone,lol.Good luck with the carbs 🙂


  2. thanks! damn ice cream! it’s taunting me from the freezer, but so far I have resisted … so far … i just keep telling myself if i can get through today, tomorrow i won’t even want it … i hope! lol


  3. Ooh, this sounds all too familiar to me. What ruins me is the weekends because Justin’s family have temptations lurking in every corner of the house….I kid you not. There is even candy and chocolate stashed in closets up there. Hopefully when I get into my own place I can reason with Justin and get him to think my way about food, etc….Hopefully….


  4. so i’m not the only one after all! good to know. i think it takes time to train the men, but all good things come to those who wait 🙂


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