Same Old, Same Old

Not much going on in my life this week, which is why I haven’t been blogging. I’ve been very focused on work & getting things done early in the day, so I can turn off the computer and clean for a few hours before Jay gets home from work.

Yes, I’m still spring cleaning. Mostly because I took a lot of time off due to Jay being off work and home and NOT very motivating when it comes to home projects, lol, plus I had my period, the bnm deadline to print, etc. etc. Excuses, excuses, huh, but trust me, it’s not as easy as one might think when you’ve got a five year old bachelor pad to swamp out. Especially one that’s been smoked in. Do you know how hard it is to get nicotine off ceilings and walls?! And this week it’s been sunny and cool and I’ve been more motivated, so things are happening again.

Yesterday I scrubbed one patch of wall in the slide-out (about 2 & a half feet wide by four feet tall) for an hour and a half trying to get some kind of … something! to come off. It wasn’t even like nicotine, more like someone had splashed coke or coffee or something and never wiped it. It was sticky and REALLY on there! Now I understand the saying scrubbing your fingers to the bone! Jay has no idea what it could have been, he doesn’t remember any incidents.

All the windows have these day/night shades that are just terrible dust collectors and have never been cleaned. The windows have also never been cleaned. They’re dirty inside and out. Really dirty. Honestly, other than the occasional dusting of the cupboards and sweeping/mopping/vacuuming the floor, not much of any kind of cleaning has been happening at Casa Jay since he bought the place.

At one point yesterday I got so frustrated and overwhelmed that I just wanted to burn the place down, collect the insurance money & start fresh! But then I took a good look around and celebrated my progress so far, which gave me the strength to continue.

I mean when I first got here, the place was so cluttered that thorough cleaning wasn’t even an option, it would have been pointless with all the dust coming off all the papers, tools, & things, even if I could have gotten into the entertainment center or close to the walls. I wiped the tv screen and it was covered in dust again within a couple of hours. So much freaking dust I almost lost my mind! And you know, I can handle a little dust, lol, I’m not a super clean freak or anything. Clutter drives me nuts, but a few dust bunnies … not so much. This was clutter and the mother ship for all the dust bunnies in the world, their freaking head office!

So yeah, there’s been progress. I actually have a closet now. He threw out a lot of stuff. He’s not accumulating more. Some things are visibly clean and sparkly, and now they’ll be easy to maintain with a little wipe down every now and then. An annual spring cleaning. I can see the kitchen table top. We don’t need to clear space to eat every night.

Maybe I don’t have to burn it down and start from scratch. Maybe I can do this. If I just take a few hours every day, stay focused, it’ll all come together. Won’t it?

6 thoughts on “Same Old, Same Old

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  1. Getting less like a pigpen everyday, but was quite shocking the day I first walked in here, yeah, lol. No place I’d ever invite friends to visit me at. But of course the park alone kind of rules out company, lol.


  2. Oh god it was soooo nice and CLEAN!! lol I was like if we get this place I’ll keep it so tidy & uncluttered, it will never ever turn into the kind of place we have now … but the deal fell through 😦 We could have went forward but the payments were more than we thought and they wanted a down payment on top of the trade in, so we decided it would be better to wait awhile before we buy something, pay off some bills, build up our savings, etc. first.


  3. Yeah, in the end we decided to go back to our sensible first plan. We only ever looked at the campers on a lark anyway, & then got all carried away when we saw that one. I’m sure we’ll find something when the time is right.


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