Jay got home early yesterday, before 4pm. I was still on the computer working, just thinking that I needed to get my butt in gear, shut down, shower, get dressed, do dishes and laundry, get ready for supper and an evening of wrestling.

He was glad to be home early to catch the end of the race and to be able to watch all of the evening one. John was with him, went home for a few minutes to drop off his work stuff and then came back for a couple of beer. He travels to and from work with Jay everyday. He has his own car, a beat-up old white four door from the 80’s. He only ever used it to go to the bar and run errands close by, but it stopped running a couple of months ago and he hasn’t got it fixed yet. He’s not even sure what’s wrong with it. It’s a $500 car he bought about three or four years ago. Since I’ve been here Jay’s had to tow it a couple of times when John’s broke down on the road.

Some Sunday mornings now, John borrows our truck to go do his laundry and grocery shopping, but usually his girlfriend drives him around. This week he actually has the loan of her car for the whole week. And this is because she has a fiance that she lives with who is a truck driver but he’s in the process of switching companies so he’s on holidays for two weeks before he starts his new job.

John is Debby’s Sancho. Jay calls every man who is fooling around with someone else’s woman, Sancho. This morning when he left for work I told him to call me if he was going to be home early on account of rain and he said, “Why? I can’t catch Sancho that way.” It’s a joke. He knows I don’t have a Sancho and he trusts that I won’t ever do that to him. And I won’t. If we ever get to the place where our relationship is in that much trouble, I’ll be trying to fix it from within, not going looking for something outside of the relationship. And if it can’t be fixed, I’ll be gone. I’m committed to this marriage. And so is my husband.

But John, on the other hand has no problem with it, he is a bona fide Sancho and usually loving every minute of it.

On Sunday night John’s girlfriend had him over for a steak barbecue with her and her fiance. While her soon to be husband was outside grilling, John was inside getting himself a quickie. I think that’s a pretty terrible thing to do to someone you’re supposed to be marrying. Jay is generally just grossed out by the whole concept and has been since John started dating this woman over a year ago. He can’t even talk about it without thinking about dirty sheets and the exchange of bodily fluids making him gag and he wishes John would either dump the slut or demand that she dump the other guy. He doesn’t understand why John would want to live that way and how he can tell her he loves her everyday on the phone while they’re driving to and from work, when he knows for sure that she is sleeping with somebody else.

I don’t understand how they get away with it, how the boy doesn’t catch on, and I think he MUST know about it and just not care, or else he’s completely stupid. Maybe he has other girls on the road. I’ve met him before and he didn’t seem stupid, or hard to get along with or anything. Awkwardly sitting at the same table at the bar, Jay beside me, me beside John and Debby in between her fiance and her boyfriend. We didn’t stay long after they showed up. It just makes us too uncomfortable to try and pretend.

Normally her fiance works away all week and only gets home on the weekends. So John and Debby spend the week together and then he hangs out with both of them on the weekends. But once he starts this new job with a company in Michigan, he’ll be gone for 2 or 3 weeks at a time before he gets home for a weekend. So I guess John will be happy having to share a little less.

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting outside at the picnic table with Miss Elizabeth (aka Grammie) from next door when someone honked. I looked and could see Debby waving frantically from the passenger side of her truck. Her fiance was driving and there was John sitting pretty in the back seat. I waved and then just shook my head. “That’s the craziest thing I’ve seen all day,” I said to Grammie.

“Why’s that?” she asked.

“Well there goes Jay’s buddy, John, with his girlfriend … and her fiance.”

Grammie shook her head and pursed her lips. “That’s not right.”

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  1. My stomach got sick just reading this! It’s no secret how I feel about such things. It never ceases to amaze me how people can do that & not have guilt eat them from the inside out. I wonder if you came out and asked her, what would she say? I don’t think the fiance is necessarily stupid…he just trusts her, which he obviously should not. LOL. Hopefully he will find out before the wedding.


  2. I really don’t talk to her. I want nothing to do with her at all lol. But we did speak back when I first came here in July for a few minutes when she explained to me that her “fella” might call and we’d all have to be quiet so he wouldn’t know where she was. She said he’s away all the time leaving her on her own, so she has John to fill in the time, and they’re just having fun. Unfortunately John is in love with her. I feel kinda bad for both guys, but she’s just a slut in my opinion. She’s slept with almost all the old guys (regulars) at the bar.


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