Monday is the New Sunday

I’m on a roll, writing 750+ words for 5 days straight, blogging the other day on another site and now here I am again.

I think Monday is becoming the new Sunday for me. It used to be that Sunday was “MY” day, the day I’d cook something good, curl up and watch a week of Corrie and usually just goof off all day, veg out. But since being with Jay Sunday’s have become a different kind of bird. Jay usually wakes up early (anytime after 5am) and then wakes me up and then wants me to get up and then he has “stuff” he wants or needs to do, we’ve got to go here & we’ve got to go there & we’ve got to get it all done before the damn race comes on at 1 or 2 o’clock … I’m usually tired on Sunday because we stay up late most Saturday nights, and my hubby is a bit hyper & high strung. He can be exhausting depending on how wound up he gets.

On Sundays there’s laundry and grocery shopping and a nascar race and cooking and drinking and, and, and … I wake up Monday mornings physically aching in my muscles and bones from the exhaustion of the weekend. And I look forward to Mondays now because that’s when our routine comes back into play. And I like the routine.

Monday is now “MY” day to get back in the swing of things and if I’m a little less focused & productive on a Monday, then damn the luck I’ll just work harder and be better focused the rest of the week. But sometimes (like last week) Monday will be the most productive and focused day and I’ll get a ton of stuff done.

Our Mon-Fri daily routine goes like this. We get up at 5am. He gets ready for work (showering, shaving, etc.) while I get his breakfast (peeled oranges when he’s eating healthy … a ham, egg & cheese croissant when he’s not), lunch (chicken & rice or whatever is leftover from the night before), snacks (bananas, apple slices, celery with peanut butter when he’s doing healthy … cookies & crap when he’s not) and mug of hot stuff (usually green tea but sometimes I treat him to hot chocolate).

He leaves at 5:50am. I make myself a cup of tea, boot up the computer, and settle in to catch up on email, work on magazine related stuff, Twitter, Facebook, blog, etc. Around 11am I start thinking about lunch. Around noon after I’ve eaten lunch I start thinking about what to make for dinner. By 2-3pm I start to think about cleaning up the house, doing any chores that need doing, and getting dressed/showered for the day. Sometimes I work right to 5pm depending on whether I need to make stuff happen or whether Jay’s getting home late or not. Throughout the day, my husband will have called me several times to tell me he loves me.

When he gets home from work, we go to the store if we need to pick something up that day. Then he does his daily paperwork on the computer before taking a shower. We watch All in the Family and Sanford & Son on TVLand, 2 episodes each. If we’ve seen them, we flip to Family Guy. I make dinner and then we eat at the table together. Then chill on the couch for an hour or so watching tv (wrestling on Mon, Thurs & Fri nights, movies & things other nights) and then it’s off to bed, usually by 9pm. Sometimes we’ll put the tv on in the bedroom & watch until we fall asleep.

We’re usually up and down all night. Me, once or twice to pee. Him, several times, to pee, and sleepwalk (the other night he punched the mirror out of the bedroom bureau door, luckily it didn’t break, and he has no idea what he was dreaming at the time), and snack in front of the fridge (most mornings I find a trail of food on the floor in front of the fridge, things that fall out and he never notices). Rarely do we ever both stay in bed right through to the alarm at 5am the next morning. Then we get up and do it all over again.

I like the routine. I can handle the routine. It works for me. Weekends (and indeed weekdays if he’s off work) are much more chaotic and unpredictable. Take this past weekend …

Our regular Friday routine was thrown off because downtown Atlanta was closed to construction type work because of the Dogwood Festival, Freaknik, a ball game, a basketball game, and a bunch of other events that was going to see 500,000+ people coming from all over the country into the city. So Jay had classes in the morning and then was off the rest of the day. Class didn’t start until 7:30 so we got to sleep in an hour later until 6am. I didn’t have to get up at all because he didn’t need any breakfast or lunch. So I stayed in bed until almost 7 when he left and I locked the door. He surprised me by coming back a few minutes later with a large coffee. I immediately went to work on the computer, and there seemed to be a lot of work to do, things happening that needed my attention, etc.

Around 11:30 he called to say class was over, he wasn’t staying for the BBQ lunch, him & John were going for a drink and he’d be home after. He arrived an hour later with 2lbs ground beef, 4 rib-eye steaks, & a half-gallon of whiskey. He mixed the first of several drinks. I started to wrap up my computer work. At around 12:50pm John charged into the yard holding his cell phone, a charger cord, a phone book, his reading glasses, a pack of cigarettes and a beer. He had arrived home to find his electricity had been cut off and while he was on the phone to the hydro company to see what the hell was going on, his cell went dead. Turned out some sort of computer malfunction made him two months late on his bill so they shut him off. Jay took him to the electric company to pay the bill and straighten things out. While they were gone I showered and changed. Then we sat outside at the picnic table for an hour or so after they got back. The boys had drinks, I had water. Jay plugged in an electric pot and boiled chicken breasts outside for tacos and chicken salad.

After John went home, we decided we had to go to the grocery store. First I had to make a list of all the missing ingredients Jay wanted (pumpernickel bread, corn tortillas, flour tortillas, shreds, scallions, taco seasoning, etc.) and then we were off to Ingles. This is not the supermarket where we do our weekly shopping, but another chain closer to where we live and also right beside the bar where Jay and all his bar friends hang out (or used to hang out, he doesn’t go much anymore). Like always, Jay’s first words when we parked were “Let’s go have one.” To which I replied, “No.” Then he tried the negotiation, “Oh c’mon babe! Just one! Shay’s bartending …” etc.

But the thing is we never actually have “just one.” If I have one, he has two, and if I have two he has three, and if our buddy Ron is in there, he’ll buy an extra round and I’ll have three and he’ll have four. And my hun already had a few before we left the house, plus he’d already been to the bar once that day, so he didn’t need to have any more and be driving home. Even though it would only be like driving maybe from Burke’s Diner to home, even the Access Road here is busy with traffic and there’s always a lot of cops around. So we didn’t go for a drink, just went shopping, because I was firm on my “no”. While we were in the grocery store, I also got a big bottle of wine (1.5 L Yellowtail Cabernet Sauvignon for $12.98).

We arrived home and Jay got busy in the kitchen, shredding chicken, assembling chicken salad, making chicken taco mix, chopping veggies, frying tortillas, etc. I sat outside in the sun with our neighbor, Miss Elizabeth or Grammie as I call her, drinking wine and chatting. She drank 7Up only, because she’s elderly and on numerous medications. She grew up in Georgia and her family roots go all the way back to the early settlers. I love listening to her stories of growing up on a farm out in the country.

She told me about the turkeys her grandfather kept, and how one of them in particular was his “prize turkey”, but he was the biggest meanest turkey of them all. He’d run up behind the kids and bump them with his beak, sending them sprawling through the air. He’d peck at them and if angered he’d use his big sharp spurs. One day this turkey came up behind her grandma when she was hanging out the washing. He bumped and pecked her and then Grandma grabbed a pole that was holding the clothesline up and struck the turkey a few times until he fell down in the yard. Only after she’d beaten him into submission did she start to worry about what Grandpa was going to say when he got home. She’d beaten his prize turkey into a stupor! Miss Elizabeth said it was hilarious as she tried to pour water and aspirins down the turkey’s throat and got the kids to fan him to make him come around, so Grandpa wouldn’t know what happened.

Friday was such a gorgeous day, hot & sunny, nice warm breeze. We had dinner at the picnic table. Miss Elizabeth ate with us. Then after dinner Ron dropped in for a drink on his way home from work. Ron’s in his 70’s and he’s an interesting character. He exaggerates a bit, but if even half of what he tells is true …

There’s a rooster in the park that harasses Ron. It pecks on his camper door early in the morning. It cock-a-doodle-doos right under his 5th wheel where the bedroom is, so he’s right at Ron’s head when he’s sleeping. Ron chases that rooster with the broom and gives it a good kick if he can get close enough. He’s been threatening to shoot the rooster since I got here, but he hasn’t done it yet. He says he wants to use his air gun that he’s got up at the lake cabin, but every weekend he goes to the lake and he never brings that rifle back with him, so I think he likes to chase that old bird around.

After a bit, Bill, who lives right beside Ron, dropped in to borrow some DVDs. Bill said he got up the other morning and went out to find that rooster “settin’ on my swing like he belonged there.” But he didn’t feel like messing with those spurs so he just let him be.

We sat out there drinking and laughing for a couple of hours and then after everyone left, me and Jay went down to Ron’s place for one drink there. Our other neighbors, Grace & her husband, I think his name is Ron too or Ronnie, were there already. They’re originally from Missouri. She’s a good 15 years older than her husband, who is about my age, and kinda reminds me of Jesse James, he’s cute, blonde, receding, a biker dude & kinda quiet. She’s bold & brass & loud & approaching being as wide as she is tall with frizzy auburn colored wild looking hair. They seem like an odd pairing and every time I see them I wonder how the hell she managed to snag him. Her relationship with old man Ron is one where they trade insults and sexual innuendo, always trying to one up the other. Her husband just sits there with a little sheepish grin while she talks about seeing an infomercial for the Rabbit vibrator on tv one night. It’s bizarre … and mostly funny as hell.

It was dark by the time we got home but the night was gorgeous so we sat outside. Jay was quite intoxicated by this time, and when he drinks too much he starts calling people. It’s like if anyone comes into his head for any reason, he’s suddenly reminded of them and needs to give a shout out. It drives me crazy, because lots of time he’ll call someone and then after a few minutes decide he doesn’t want to talk to them anymore and then hand the phone to me. Friday night I ended up in a 15 minute conversation with his step-mother about gardening in the desert and tree disease. Not fun! Plus he calls long-distance to Canada, which costs us a buck a minute. Every time he goes to do it, I try to talk him out of it, but it’s no use, he’s gonna do what he wants to do no matter how much it costs.

And now that he has some phone numbers stored in his phone, he doesn’t even tell me before he calls. So Friday night we bought about 2 hours worth of phone calls to NB, an hour and a half with Gary (Sherry was in bed). It was good to talk with Gar and I’m glad him and Jay got a little one on one, but damn! That’s one expensive phone evening!

We stayed up and outside until 1am before I could convince my husband to go to bed. I drank almost all my bottle of wine, which I very rarely do these days. So I had a pretty major headache and cotton mouth going on at 6am Saturday morning when Jay woke up and became convinced that we needed to get up so we could go do stuff. He wanted to go to the RV store and pick up some things for the camper that we need in order to be prepped to move, which could happen within this month (and looks like Virginia now that the company lost the Newnan bid).

But I was having none of it! Most weekends I give in and get up and go do whatever it is he wants to do, but with my head like a football, he was out of luck. So he got up and farted around on the computer and watched tv and every now and then he’d come try to wake me up and sometimes he’d nap for a bit and then get up for awhile before coming back to try and get me up. He’s like a bad young lad sometimes. I keep telling him we can’t ever have kids because I’m done in just trying to look after him. He’s more than enough. And he wears me out.

Somehow I managed to stay in bed until noon, which is a freaking record for a Saturday when Jay’s home. When he realized I wasn’t going to pull it together to go to the RV Store or anywhere for that matter, he called an old friend to come over, and then he went to the store to buy some beer to treat the guy. I showered and tried to pull myself together while he was gone. He came back with a six-pack of Michelob Light for his friend, another half gallon of whiskey for himself and surprises for me. A hot cup of coffee, a vase of red roses, another big bottle of my favorite wine, and a quart of brandy.

Weaving Steven rolled in on a Harley Davidson and the reason for his nickname became immediately apparent while he tried to park. He’s in his mid 50’s and used to live in the park here next to Jay. Apparently they partied a lot. Right after he showed up, Jay called John to tell him Weaving Steven was here so then John came over too and the boys proceeded to catch up (of which there was a lot since he moved out of here before the floods happened) and bullshit through 4 beers each while I sipped my coffee and water. He seemed like a nice guy, reminded me a lot of what I can remember of Alvin Vickers from when I was a kid. Short, kinda stocky, and a big drinker, but funny & good spirited.

After he left Jay made beef taco filling and then we warmed up the leftover chicken taco filling and invited Miss Elizabeth back over for another taco supper. She likes the beef ones better than chicken. And frankly I like the chicken ones that I make better than the ones Jay made (but shh! don’t tell him!) It was a little cooler for sitting outside Saturday night, and as soon as the sun went down Miss Elizabeth decided she needed to go inside and I needed a sweater if I was going to stay out. Me and Jay stayed outside for a little bit but went to bed much earlier than the night before.

Sunday morning I felt a lot better than I had on Saturday, but my hun was feeling poorly after two days of pretty hard drinking. He napped on the couch watching the Jeremiah Johnson movie (which is SOOOO freaking long!) while I caught up with email, twitter, facebook, editorial board, etc. then made our shopping list for groceries and balanced the checkbook. We went to Kroger shortly before the Nascar race was supposed to start and bought bananas, nuts, avocados, tomatoes, onions, celery, natural peanut butter, herbal tea, chicken, pineapple, rice, organic salad dressing, corn on the cob, mushrooms, limes, apples, and cases of water in preparation of a week of detox in order to get Jay off the smoking habit.

The race got rained out. Jay grilled rib-eye steaks for dinner with corn on the cob, baked potato and tossed salad. We were in bed by 9pm and asleep almost immediately. When the alarm went off this morning I knew I had to get right up in order to have time to make brown rice and a chicken stir-fry for Jay’s work lunch, or else he’d scrap the detox for today and likely buy a pack of cigarettes. So I jumped right up and got that all straightened out. I think he was appreciative because he stopped at the store, got me a coffee and brought it back to me before he continued on to the shop.

Now it’s Monday again, and I’m enjoying the relative silence of not having any company and being able to hang all day in my jammies, and slowly get back into this weekday routine that somehow keeps me grounded and sane.

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