Thoughts on 2010

Well it’s a brand new year. 2010! Imagine that! So far so good …

We didn’t do much over the holidays, watched a lot of movies, ate some good food, drank a bit. We didn’t go to Alabama like we were supposed to because it made more sense to postpone until we go to Nashville on Jay’s holidays next week. It’s cheaper to make one round trip. Plus, I was doing the PMS thing … so maybe I wasn’t so interested in meeting and spending time with new people. Next week will be better.

This morning Jay put a patch on to begin the process of quitting smoking. He quit last New Year for several months. I’m hoping this year, with me here to support him, he’ll be able to go all the way and make the lifestyle change. I know it’s hard, but so worth it.

After his holidays we’re going on the brown rice detox and then getting back into the healthy eating thing. He’s been doing a lot of cooking in the last month or so because I’ve not been feeling up to par. The man can cook! That’s for sure. But the things he’s excellent at cooking … steak, ribs, chicken wings, burgers, chicken fingers, etc. are not so healthy! He’s also got a bit of a sweet tooth as in cookies, ice cream, kit kats, reese’s peanut butter cups, reese’s pieces, chocolate cupcakes, etc. Got to get these things out of the house! If they’re in the house, I will indulge. I’ve probably put on five pounds in the last six weeks. Gotta nip this in the bud before it rages out of control.

So the brown rice detox should kickstart us back onto the right track. And then I’ve got to step up and keep us on track. Shouldn’t be a problem. I think I’ve got the female issues under control again. Having a normal period right now, so that is good.

We’ve been easing into this life together. It’s probably harder for him to adjust than me. He’s used to the bar being his form of entertainment, red meat being his main food group, drinking excessively in order to sleep. So this renting movies, going out to lunch or dinner, maybe the bar once a week, more quiet family like lifestyle is not at all what he’s used to. The good news is, he likes it. We have a vision, a dream, goals, and we’re totally on the same page with it, so we’re going to get there.

We’re combining our finances, figuring out a plan to get out of debt and buy that new bigger camper that we both really want. This one is really too small. It’s fine for our first year or so, but I imagine the walls will close in around me being here day in and day out for much longer than that. We’re going to also move to a nicer spot. One where I might be able to get out and go for walks without fearing for my personal safety. I NEED my Wii Fit!! I miss it. But I don’t really have enough floor space here to use it properly. So that kinda sucks. The new camper will be better. His quitting smoking will save us a lot of money every week.

I am feeling so lucky, so happy.

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