Times They Are A Changing

I’ve got to really watch my Internet usage from now on. We’re allowed 5G per month (it gets reset on the 16th) and already we’re almost at 3MB … this is not good! They charge 25 cents per KB or something when you go above. So from now on I’m going to try to do most of my work offline and just go online to upload it or send it etc. Next month I’ll be more careful. I guess maybe I was watching too much Corrie on You Tube, lol.

This week is Thanksgiving here. It happens Thursday, but most people have Friday off too. Not sure yet what we’re doing for dinner etc. Usually he does dinner with his friend, John, but this year might be different. Apparently we’ve been invited somewhere else, another of his work buddies or something. Of course I’m all like “why can’t we just do our own?” but I guess it’s not Thanksgiving unless you’re torturing yourself to get along with other people, lol.

It’ll be nice to have a long weekend together because J’s been working Saturday these past couple of weeks, which really cuts into our time. It certainly does not feel like the end of November here, doesn’t feel at all like Christmas. Even the stores aren’t really all decked out yet. I guess it doesn’t really get under way until after Thanksgiving. Most of the time I’m walking around in a t-shirt here, and lots of people still in sandals and shorts. That’s a bit chilly for me most days, but you know it takes a lot to get me into my summer clothes anyways.

Our neighbours Ed & Elizabeth are still away and we’re looking after her cat. I am doing a piss poor job of remembering to feed the little bastard. J is slightly better. E called on the weekend and he got his deer, so we’ll be getting some meat when they get back. They won’t be back for awhile though because something came up and they’ve got to go to Utah. Not sure when they’ll be back now. She wants me to start going to the gym with her when she returns, which would do me a lot of good, but not sure we can afford that. I’ll have to check out all the details when she gets here.

Life is kind of normal and uninteresting here. We really don’t do much. Watch tv every night, eat dinner, hang out. Here’s the run down on our weekend:

Friday evening we went to the bar early for a couple of drinks. People are very huggy around here. Kinda drives me a little crazy. I don’t need to hug hello and good bye every time we meet. All the men shake hands and do the half hug back pat thing too. Apparently it’s impolite to enter without personally greeting everyone. How y’all doin’? How you doin’ little lady? There’s one older guy, Ron, who lives in the campground here too. He’s in his 70’s and we go visit him and take him dinner a few times a week. I like him a lot. He reminds me of someone, not sure who. Someone from the movies maybe. But I’m getting so I’ll even initiate a good bye hug with him. He’s usually at the bar when we stop in.

Friday night J cooked filet mignon with baked potato and tossed salad. It was really good. He doesn’t buy them already made up, but wraps the steaks himself. He used maple bacon so there was a maple flavour all through. Yummy! Every time he cooks for me I wish I could send a plate to Mom. I keep saying, “When we go home you have to make this for my mama.” By now, we’d have to stay a good long time in order for him to cook everything on the list, lol.

J worked Saturday, but got to sleep in an hour later until 6 at least because he wasn’t going in on his job but driving backhoe for someone else. Mom called me around noon to tell me about Abby. That was upsetting. I immediately looked up flights to see what was available if I wanted to go home because she was going to be in hospital for awhile. Luckily she did a lot better really quick though. Kids are so resilient, they just bounce right back. And they see the good when we sometimes can’t see any. I called J at work to let him know what was going on and that I was upset and didn’t want to cook dinner so either he could cook again or we could go out. He said he’d cook and wouldn’t be late and to call him if I heard any more. Then I did laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. Many trips up over that damn hill. I saw the critter (lizard? Salamander? Geko?) on the fence that I climb over behind our camper to cross the road and go up the hill. Freaked me out! He’s quick! And dark! And his tail is ever so long!

When J got home we watched the rest of the race and he made dinner. Grilled pork chops, wild rice with mushrooms and tossed salad. We tried to watch a movie but couldn’t get into it really, so we went to bed pretty early.

Yesterday, Sunday, we got up and went shopping. We looked at engagement rings at K-Mart. They didn’t really have any styles that I liked. We have different ideas about these things, so we weren’t looking to buy, just looking so he could see what I like. He seems to like big rocks, that I think are gaudy as hell. I tried one on and the stone was sticking up a good quarter inch. Soooo not me. Unfortunately I didn’t really see anything there that was me, so he’s no further ahead really. I suppose he knows what I don’t like, lol.

Then we went to Walmart and got a few groceries, some dish towels, a new crockpot (bigger than the one he has so we can do roasts), an REO Speedwagon CD of greatest hits live (5 bucks!), a bunch of Ben & Jerry’s & Haagen Daz ice cream minis (because he’s trying to kill me!) and he got me a bunch of vitamins (Women’s One a Day, potassium, cranberry) because he thinks I need supplements. I have to say, if you are prone to infection in your kidneys taking the cranberry pills really makes a difference! I’ve been on them now for a few weeks already and they helped clear up an infection I knew was coming on and I’ve been good ever since. The potassium is for cramping. I seem like I’ve been getting a lot of leg cramps lately, so hopefully this helps. And the multivitamin is just in case, lol. He says, “I’ve got to make sure my baby is healthy.” And I think his ulterior motive is that he wants us to try to have our own baby. I’m still not all the way down with that idea. He’s working on me. It will be interesting to see what transpires if I stay long enough to run out of my birth control.

After Walmart we went to Krogers and bought a big ass roast beef that I’m going to cook today I think. Then we came home and he made me breakfast (scrambled eggs with cheese, pork chop, toast). We rolled the couch out to a bed and curled up to nap before the race came on. Then watched the race. He made meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner. I’ve never been a big fan of meat loaf, but I think I just never had a good one before, lol. This was tasty! We ended up sleeping all night on the roll out bed, which is soooo uncomfortable and not a good thing to do, but we were just too tired to go to bed.

The work Christmas party is in a couple of weeks, so soon we’ll go shopping for a dress for me to wear. If he had his way he’d be taking me to a western store to get an outfit. But i have to put my foot down right there, lol, I can only concede so much in the name of love. I want a multi-functional all-purpose little black cocktail dress. Something I’ll get some wear out of. I didn’t bring my gold shoes unfortunately, just the black strappy sandals. Oh well, I’ll bring them next time.

We’ve sort of settled on going to Myrtle Beach, SC, for Christmas. Three nights (24, 25, 26) at one of the resorts. It’s not that expensive in the off season. And he’s never been before so it would be something brand new with just me and him.

It’s looking more and more like the next job won’t be further south in Georgia at all, but we’ll most likely be pulling stakes and moving to Virginia Beach in Virginia. They’ve got some really nice campgrounds there that I’ve seen online. I would like to get in one a little less run down. The deadline on J’s current job in downtown Atlanta is coming up at the end of December so I guess we’ll find out for sure where we’re going by the New Year.

And now you’re up to date kinda sorta. It’s Monday, so we’ll watch wrestling on tv tonight. He likes it, his dad was a pro wrestler and he wanted to be one when he grew up, but got sidetracked along the way. One of his regrets is that he got out of it and into pipelining. I don’t really pay attention to the wrestling much, but I don’t mind it being on. I remember it used to drive me nuts at Marty’s once upon a time. But times have changed. I think I’m mellowing in my old age.

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  1. She is a frigging freak of nature, let me tell you, lol. Who would have ever thought my life would take this crazy turn? Certainly not me. A year ago, I’d have died laughing at the idea.


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