Not Exactly Regular Programming

Ok, so I’m not exactly blogging up a storm here, I know, but hey, life is … hectic, chaotic, busy … and really, really good. What more is there to say?

I’ve been trying to settle in, clean this place up, DECLUTTER!!!! But my sweetie is a packrat and a procrastinator when it comes to the rats he’s been been packing, sooo … I did get one bag for the Sally Ann and one closet cleaned out. The rest of the house remains … well, it remains. Maybe this week will be more productive.

Last week I felt poorly quite a bit, so I couldn’t push the issue. This week I’m on the mend. And tomorrow a big ole hurricane is going rock this place so my hun will maybe be off work and we can take the day to get serious about shredding some papers and throwing out some junk. Fingers crossed.

Tomorrow night we are supposed to be going out to dinner with our neighbours E & E. They want to take us to some place that does pizza buffet … he says it’s got the best dessert pizza he’s ever had anywhere (and he’s lived all over); she used to work at one of these places in the chain … I forget the restaurant name right now.

We came to this dining decision last night as we sat around the picnic table eating supper. Rib eyes, baked taters, garden salad, garlic toast. It was such a nice day that we could sit out well after the sun went down with no jackets. Well, I could. E got cold early on, but she’s from Mexico originally so she seems to always find it fairly chilly.

On the weekend I posted a bunch of pictures and some little videos. Here’s the links if you haven’t seen them already. and You can see how sunny and warm it was, a real shorts and t-shirt day. I wished I had brought some sandals and capris with me.

We might be moving soon. Probably further south in Georgia, but maybe to Virginia. There’s some talk of a new office opening up in Virginia Beach and J wants to try to get transferred. He’s not sure they’ll let him though, because he’s the only one here who has experience working with a certain kind of pipe or something, so they might want to keep him around. I think it would be nice to move and start fresh, just the two of us.

I’ll try to post more frequently … but I won’t make any promises.

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