Back in the Saddle Again

It’s chilly this morning so I’m sitting here wrapped up in the huge scarf that Elizabeth gave me last night. She knits and crochets and had a whole bag full of different ones for me to pick from. The one I chose is very long and multi-coloured, purples, burgundys, reds, oranges, shades of green and rust. Very soft and warm. And very nice of her to give it to me. Everyone is happy to see me back.

The trip went very smoothly. The train to Halifax arrived about two hours later than usual but that was okay. I sat with an interesting couple on the train who were travelling all over the east coast of Canada from Cinncinnatti Ohio. Basically they didn’t have much of a plan, were just making it up as they went along finding hostels and cheap B&Bs to stay in. Older couple too, they were, likely in their late 50s or early 60s, which only goes to show that it’s never too late to bum around with a backpack.

The Citadel was lovely. Older, maybe not as glorious as it might have been one day, but the service was really good and it was convenient for me because the shuttle bus picked me up right outside the hotel. The shuttle bus is the only way to do it because the airport is out on the edge of nowhere Dartmouth, a cab would cost a fortune. Halifax airport is actually quite lovely as airports go and very easy to find your way around. I arrived way too early though. I could have taken the 10am shuttle bus instead of the 8:15 … but oh well, live and learn. I flew Continental and lucked out to get in the single seat aisle both planes. So I didn’t have to sit with anyone else. I was supposed to on the flight from Halifax to Newark but I switched with a guy so he could sit with his wife. On the first leg of the trip the seats were pretty cramped, small and uncomfortable. It was a little better on the second plane. Still, out of all the airlines I’ve flown in recent years, WestJet has everyone beat as far as comfort goes.

We were a few minutes late leaving Halifax, but it didn’t matter because I had lots of time to catch my connection anyway. As we were descending through the clouds over New York I couldn’t help but notice their colour, some were muddy brown and others tinged with shades of pink. Is that what smog looks like? I do not know. It was overcast below, light drizzle. In the distance I could see the Manhatten skyline and make out what I thought would be the Empire State Building. In the far far distance I thought I saw Lady Liberty in the harbour. What was totally visible and unmistakeable because it is absolutely humungus was the George Washington Bridge. I couldn’t take any pictures though because once you get below 10,000 feet you’re not allowed to turn on anything electronic, including cameras (which is weird but some kind of new FAA rule or something).

My mother had been very worried about me and Liberty Airport in Newark, but there was really no need. Turned out to be the easiest transfer I’ve ever done. Walked out one gate (30) and walked straight across to the other (38). The terminal was circular with all the gates and seating on the outer edge, shops and restaurants in the core. A very busy airport, lots of people around, but no hassle at all. We departed on time and arrived in Atlanta on time.

I deplaned even further away from the main lobby/ baggage than last time. But this time I knew there was a train … except the train wasn’t working. So I walked on the moving sidewalk all the damn way from one of that terminal to the other, and let me tell you, that is quite the hike. The soles of my feet have blisters now.

It was good to see him, we hugged, we kissed, we walked hand in hand. My luggage came right out and we were outta there. Called home on the drive to tell the folks I arrived safely. He saved me some ribs for dinner. We dropped in on a neighbor for a few. Mostly just spent the evening getting re-acquainted.

Yesterday we went to BJ’s to get a phone from the Verizon dealer there and buy some supplies for the week. It’s like the Price Club, all bulk.

Then we went for breakfast at the Waffle House. This is significant because I had been told never to eat at a Waffle House because so much violence happens there. Google it! lol We went to one that Sweetie hadn’t been to before, which was a mistake. We should have gone to the one that he knew was alright. I had no idea what to order, didn’t feel like breakfast. So I ordered the grilled chicken salad, because it was going on noon. He got two eggs over easy with biscuits and gravy and hash browns smothered and covered. Mine was okay, about what you’d expect with iceberg lettuce as the base. They served the salad with packages of crackers which I found odd, but I guess that’s what they do here. My poor hun’s eggs were disgusting. I thought he was gonna hurl when he sliced into one of them and the whites ran slimy mucus. Blech! But he ate the biscuits and hash browns and then felt awful pretty much the rest of the day.

We went to the bar early in the afternoon for a couple because it was John’s birthday. I get such a kick listening to these old boys talk. They crack me up.

After the bar we went next door to get some groceries. I got some fruits and veggies to try and get us started on eating healthy. Whole grain bagels and bread. Yogurt. Low fat cheese. I caught the cakes in the cart before we checked out but somehow missed the pastries, chocolate bars and cookies until we got home. He snuck them by me somewhere along the line.

After groceries we came home and made dinner with Ed & Elizabeth, who live right beside us. They brought over big pork steaks and Jay grilled them in garlic butter and pork rub. Elizabeth made cheesy potatoes. I tossed a salad. Jay made some garlic bread on the grill too. Elizabeth brought over some tequila and margarita mix and Jay blended us some frozen margaritas. They were very good! Dinner was really fabulous. I was stuffed.

After dinner we went to the other end of the park to visit with Ron. We’re hoping Ron’s neighbour moves out and we can get that spot down there. Would be nice. Where we are now is right on the highway and we’re packed in here pretty good, with people on both sides. Down there we’d have more space, only have Ron on one side of us, and it’d be quieter. The place where we used to be when I was here before is a barren wasteland. All sand. It was totally under water in the flood. I’ve seen some pictures that the boys had on their phones and it’s pretty freaking scary.

So today he works and I try to get organized. We’re still in love. Life is still good.

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  1. YAY! You are blogging! Sounds like you have had a wonderful reunion with your hon. Anna has already written you a letter to mail you. Forward me a maining address so we can drop it in the mail. 🙂


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