Seeing Red

Late yesterday afternoon I decided not to brave the cut-you-to-the-bone wind chill, narrow roads and non-existent sidewalks and opted instead to take a cab downtown in order to conduct banking and do a little shopping for some long overdue toiletries at the Jean Coutu.

At the bottom of the hill by City Square restaurant as we turned by the Royal Bank we met a transport truck who was apparently lost and did not see the Do Not Enter One Way signs. Can you say harrowing?! Luckily nobody crashed and the driver safely made it onto the hill and back onto the truck route. Whew! That was close!

I did my banking so the rent cheque will clear today and then I walked over to Jean Coutu. The sidewalks sucked! Covered with ice, I nearly slipped three times. Any thought I might have had about walking home rather than taking a car instantly evaporated. I know all I do all winter long is complain about the damn sidewalks in Miramichi, but seriously folks if you all weren’t so freaking environmentally insensitive and fat driving around in your 4-wheel drive SUVs you might give a damn about pedestrians not risking life and limb every time they want to walk a few yards to a store or heaven forbid get some damn exercise. Oh how I miss Sackville in winter. Now there’s a town that knows a thing or two about not leaving the pedestrian stranded. So ends today’s rant on that subject … did I just say y’all back there?

I intended to buy toothpaste (2 tubes of Colgate for 99 cents, limit 4 per customer) and hair dye ($8.99 on sale in flyer, tho I found one I liked more even cheaper at $6.99) but it was close to supper and I hadn’t really eaten and Sherry was eating chips when I talked to her on the phone … so I bought a bag of chips and a Reese’s Peanut Butter bar (not cups) that was on sale. And only slightly impulsively (because I have been thinking about my need to make this purchase) I also picked up some Oil of Olay moisturizer (because it’s really the only brand I like and it was on clearance for $8.99) and St. Ives Apricot Scrub (not at all on sale but I have been without for so long that I sorely need a little exfoilation … afterall, soon a man might be cupping my face, it would be nice if it didn’t crack and flake.)

Having spent more than I intended or could afford, I called a cab to come take me home. The dispatcher said it would be five minutes. A good half hour later I called back to see if I was forgotten. The new dispatcher said I was next on the list. A good half hour after that a cab finally showed up to collect me. People! If you’re going to be an hour let a girl know! C’mon now! There were taxis driving around with nobody in them from other companies I could have called had I any inclination that I was going to have to wait so long. I know it’s my own fault, I should have just called someone else … but … you know me.

Anyway, suffice it to say that by the time the cab arrived I was a little stressed, antsy, impatient … and craving a freaking cigarette yet again. If you follow me on Twitter and Facebook you’ll recall that I have been having cravings recently. Really, really, really bad cravings. It’s being brought on by a combination of stress and the weather, it’s difficult to explain if you’ve never smoked but there is just something spectacular about smoking in crisp winter air.

So here I am craving a smoke so bad that I’m actually wondering whether I can buy any in the Jean Coutu when the cab finally arrives. It’s a young guy, overslept and was late to his shift, thus explaining my wait, and he’s SMOKING! I couldn’t believe it! Isn’t that illegal? Maybe not, but it’s certainly unprofessional. I’m sure there are rules against these things. I’ve been in with cabby’s before who asked if I minded if they lit up, but to just have this guy smoking without any concern to my feelings on the matter … ugh!

This aggravated me even more, which only made me want a frigging cigarette more … All the way home I argued with myself … Just ask for one, just one … No, no, you don’t need one … but just one, I can have just one … If I had lived further away I think I would have bummed a cigarette. But thankfully, I was only in the cab for a few minutes. I threw him the money and leapt to safety before the car had even come to a full stop. That was close!

I do hope these cravings subside soon and life returns to normal.

I intended to dye my hair last night but by the time I had supper and watched a week’s worth of Coronation Street and had my nightly catch up with Georgia, it was going on midnight. I’m going to do it today. Goodbye serious blackness, hello flirty red!

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  1. Well the red thing didn’t work out, sadly. I am now sporting a full head of black hair with bright red flaming roots, lol. Didn’t make any difference to the black at all, not even a little bit. So now I’m going to strip it. And since I’m stripping it, I’m just gonna go blonde, it’s the easiest thing to do. Low maintenance, lol. Man, this black thing, NOT so low maintenance.


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