Sunrise and Other Randomness

I watched the sunrise this morning. Sitting here listening to the Breakfast Club on C103 drinking my second cup of coffee. We’re having a special Bread ‘n Molasses magazine event this evening. A launch party for the February edition, a send-off for the band featured on the cover who are off to the ECMAs in Newfoundland this weekend. It should be a fun time. Hopefully we’ll get a good crowd out to support us.

On Sunday afternoon I watched last week’s episodes of Coronation Street. For the second Sunday in a row I wanted to wring Maria’s scrawny neck. Honestly! What the hell happened to her? This weepy silly low self-esteem version of her character really grates on my last nerve.

For the second night in less than a week I was overcome by incredible cigarette cravings again last night. I can’t afford to smoke on every conceivable level — health, money, peace of mind — but I am a little fearful of what might transpire if I’m around people who smoke right now. Hopefully this is just a stress related phase that will end when my life settles into a routine again.

Speaking of cravings, I would do just about anything for a potatoe right about now. Yes. I am wanting the spud. If you have extras, I am accepting all donations. I’ve been living off brown rice. It’s all rice all the time around here, morning, noon and night. At least it’s better for me than Kraft Dinner.

We got another 2 feet of snow on Monday. Kind of feeling buried. Very much looking forward to spring, though it feels a long way off yet. Perhaps the St. Patrick’s storm will be the last one of the season? Well, a girl can dream.

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