My Silence is Deafening

I have been neglecting my blog. I know. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say. Oh, I’ve got stuff! Lots and lots of stuff! Most of it stressful. Some of it a little surreal, exciting and really good. None of which I can freely talk about in a public forum.

I’m feeling a little muzzled to be honest. Stifled. I miss the days when I could just sit down in the morning and let loose, puke all over the keyboard and rid myself of all the garbage freeing myself to embrace all the positivity and optimism. I’ve started writing long hand in my journal again, because I can’t handle not writing at all. I need to get it out of me somehow. Holding onto my feelings, holding them inside me, is just not an option. I can’t do it. I implode.

Suffice it to say, change is afoot my friends. I’m not real sure what the universe has in store for me this time, but she’s definitely executing some sort of master plan. I’m trying not to fight it, because I know it’s easier to follow the flow, but change is hard. It’s sad to say good bye to people, places, things, that no longer fit into your life. It’s terrifying to face the unknown and embrace the new people, places and things that you need in your life in order to evolve to your next level of being.

2 thoughts on “My Silence is Deafening

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  1. Let it out. Let it all out!

    I also believe you have to release to receive. Do not keep negative thoughts or little rants or small complaints inside. They can fester and grow if left in there.

    Once you release all the negative, you can welcome the positive. We both believe in the power of postive thinking but if you are holding in negative there will be no place for the positive to go.

    I know you understand all this better than anyone. I am happy you are at least writing it out of you long hand.

    I miss your regular posts but you can call me anytime to puke on me. lol


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