Best Shows on Television

Making a concise list of the best shows on television is not an easy task. The topic is so broad. I mean you could make a list that includes the best shows of all time like I Love Lucy and All in the Family. You could narrow the focus to say the best cooking shows or the best sitcoms. There’s so much television that a list that truly represented all of the Best Shows on Television would be more like a book. Well, for me anyway, because I love tv. Anyway, the gauntlet was thrown down and I accepted the challenge. Please hop on over to the Helium website and read my new article about the Best Shows on Television. I had about 15 more programs on my short list but I wanted the list to be diverse and fairly current. What would your top 10 look like?

3 thoughts on “Best Shows on Television

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  1. In no particular order a few of my faves are

    The Office (love it)
    How I Met Your Mother (Barney is just too much! isn’t he?)
    Lost (pieces are falling together now. makes it even more interesting)
    Brothers And Sisters (Sally, Calista, Rob…need I say more?)
    The Big Bang Theory (for the geeky side of me)
    The Amazing Race (the only way to travel!)
    Survivorman (there is nothing this man will not do)
    The Hour (I mean it’s George…what’s not to love?)
    Pinks (for the redneck in me)


  2. Forgot to add 30 Rock to my list. Gary and I love that show. (although he may be watching only because of his huge crush on Tina Fey. lol) Alec Baldwin is awesome in this.


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