The full moon was Thursday night so this week has been an exhausting mess of vivid dreams. Normally, I get more before the moon and then it starts to wane after, but not so this month. The thing about vivid dreams is that they’re so interesting and clear that I want to watch them play out, like a movie, sometimes I don’t want them to end at all. So sometimes I will stay in bed for 12 or 14 hours, truly not getting any rest because I’m wrapped up in these dreams, but yet unwilling to let them go. This weekend has been that kind of weekend. Maybe I’m also trying to catch up on sleep lost earlier this week when I only slept a couple of hours here or there, I don’t know. But Friday night and Saturday night were 12 hours in bed dreaming. Now, I have a headache. Too much bedtime.

Last night’s dream centred around these flying machines I had invented. Have you seen the movie Danny Deckchair? It’s a good one, you should rent it if you haven’t. So my flying machines were more like those swing seats at the exhibition, the kind for the little kids where there is a bar across the front so they can’t fall out. The seats were attached to one big balloon, not as big as a hot air balloon, but like a fairly good sized helium balloon. We were in the field behind my grandparent’s house. I had obviously tested the contraptions before because now the whole family was going on a trip. Into outer space, to see the moon. Well, not the whole family. I was staying on the ground to monitor everyone and I think I may have had the power to override their controls and bring them back by remote control if necessary.

So my sisters, their husbands, and their kids each had their own flying machine. Everyone was wearing the cutest little space suits. And they’d be gone for two days. I had Mom’s travel trailer set up in the field, with all my radar and satellite equipment. So Mom, Dad, me and Nick were going to stay there until everyone came back.

It was a damp overcast morning with our ankles buried in wisps of rolling fog. The kids were so excited, chattering a hundred miles a minute. Everyone strapped into their own individual seat and started lifting off into the air. The ceiling was so low they disappeared into the clouds almost immediately. But poor little Anna. She was the smallest and the youngest and she wasn’t prepared to be weightless and flying. So she lifted off faster than she expected and then the wind took her and she drifted sideways out over the field toward the river. She wasn’t afraid, just saying, “Whoa!” But I was worried. She was off track and far away from everyone else. I sent Mom and Dad in the truck to follow her from the ground and I went into the trailer to check the instruments. Everyone else was rising nicely, right on schedule. The kids were having a ball. I could hear them through microphones. I told Sherry and Gary we were bringing Anna down and keeping her with us, for them not to worry.

Then I found Anna on the radar. She was drifting over the trees in Barnettville, headed toward Renous. I radioed Mom and Dad and told them to head to Renous, I’d bring her down by the church there. I’d make sure she didn’t get into the prison’s no-fly zone. Then I went to work, taking control of Anna’s flying machine, and talking with her on the radio. “Kellie, it’s like you’re in my head!” she said. She was surprised to hear me. I took her mind off of Mommy and Daddy by getting her to tell me what she was seeing. This also helped me guide her to the ground safely. Mom and Dad weren’t there yet. So I chatted with her and told her how to unhook herself from her seat and get out of her space suit. By that time my parents arrived and they picked her up to bring her back to the trailer.

That was only the first of many unexpected blips in the journey that I had to figure out and fix. We lost radio contact with Jules for a bit. Samuel drifted off course. Paulina decided she didn’t want to do this anymore and she wanted to go home. Gary’s flow of oxygen malfunctioned. And much more. It was a tense two days spent in the cramped trailer huddled over screens. But finally, about 12 hours after I laid down to go to sleep, after waking a dozen times and falling back into the dream again and again, finally, everyone got back safe and sound from their adventure into outer space. And then I could get up and start my day and hope that was the end of the very vivid dreams for another month.

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