If …

If I were doing Nanowrimo … which I am TOTALLY not 🙂 but IF I were … I would be at 21,037 words. If, you know. That’s kind of exciting. I’m living this story right now, writing in my sleep even. This is good. Good things will happen this way. Every day I call my mom and ask her if she remembers the time … and then she’ll say yes and we’ll talk about it and then I remind her again that even though some situations resemble my real life, the mother character in my story is in no way shape or form based on her … she says she knows. Soon, I’ll have to start calling Dad every day to tell him the same thing. Though the last time I dissed a father character in one of my stories and Dad thought it was based on him, he was flattered rather than hurt. So, one never knows how it’ll go.

One thing is for sure, I’ve definitely started letting go of what really happened and jumped off into the pool of what never happened but wouldn’t it make a good story if it did.

Mood: creative, wired
Drinking: water
Listening To: typing
Hair: spiked

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