Katt Lives!

A couple of weeks ago I started meeting with a couple of writing friends to workshop. We’ve been meeting once a week, and so far we’ve met twice with a third meeting set for this week. It’s doing wonders for me and my writing. When the idea first came up I didn’t know what I would focus on, I just knew that I needed to be working on something and left to my own devices without any pressure to produce for a group, I may very well toil away the rest of my days writing only articles and editorials for BnM.

The first get together with the girls was upon me and I hadn’t written shit. So I went into my files and pulled something to take to them. Because of all my hard drive failures in the past a lot of what I’ve written doesn’t exist on this computer, unless it had an incarnation on this blog. Two chapters from Katt’s Lives originated on here. So I started by taking them to the group. Two chapters were all I had written, though I have an outline of sorts. If all goes as planned, it looks like a 12 chapter book. Two meetings down and I’m out of old material. Time to push forward. So last week I started writing. I started with the first chapter, the beginning, and by the time the meeting rolled around I had three pages to bring to the table. About 1500 words. Not much, but brand spanking new baby! This is a step for me.

Three pages was enough to awaken the story in my brain. I’m eating and sleeping with Katt now. I’m writing consciously, unconsciously, 24/7. Yesterday I took to the keyboard again. Chapter one grew to 4500 words and I didn’t want to stop then but it was so late I knew I needed sleep and I promised myself I’d get back to it today. I dreamed with Katt all night. I don’t have all the answers for her. Things can go a variety of ways. I usually write from personal experience. Personal experience is the jumping off point, but then creativity takes over and anything can happen. It’s up to me to figure it out and sometimes it’s more difficult to leave my experience behind and unearth Katt’s experience. But I’m loving the process! I haven’t been this fired up since I can’t remember when. It’s been years.

November is National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) and I didn’t sign up or anything, but maybe, just maybe, I’m doing it anyway.

Mood: excited
Drinking: coffee, black
Listening To: running on empty, jackson browne
Hair: sassy

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