A Note from Past Kel

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on Tuesday, October 16, 2007, and sent via FutureMe.org

Dear FutureKel,

How you feeling today? What are you eating? How much exercise are you getting? How much do you weigh? What size clothes are you wearing?

A year ago you had a breakthrough. You realized how tough keeping your life on track, getting the weight off, would be, but you committed to making it so. You decided in favour of your health. So, how’s it going? Are you healthy? Are you on the road to healthy? When was the last time you ate greasy crispy chicken from Sobey’s or KFC?

Take care of yourself, girl. I love you.

Well PastKel, let me tell you … I struggle with these things. BUT I haven’t had crispy chicken in quite some time!

So every now and then I get an email from myself in the past. Sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes (like this one) it’s a harsh reminder to get back on track. I’ve been sending myself these messages for years. When something traumatic or particularly upsetting happens I will go to the FutureMe website and write myself a note describing how I feel on that particular day. Then I’ll set it up to be emailed to myself 6 months or a year down the road. So I can see my progress. So I can see how time heals. So I will know the next time that whatever it is, it won’t be the end of the world. In a way I take strength from these little notes I write myself.

In another way the notes are about loving myself. I actually take time to tell myself that I love me. I don’t think people do this enough. I think we can’t have love in outer world if we don’t first have it in our inner world. So sometimes when I’m having a fantastic day and everything is fabulous I’ll write a note to my fabulous self just to tell her how much I love her. A year later that note might plop into my inbox on a day when I’m not feeling so fabulous and totally brighten my day.

It works for me!

Mood: happy
Drinking: weak black coffee
Listening To: the dryer tumble
Hair: spiky!

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