I Be Speaking

After much arm-twisting I’ve agreed to speak at an event this week. I say arm-twisting because the event is a little outside my comfort zone. If I were asked to speak to students or writers or anything in the realm of publishing or wanna-be publishing, if I were asked to emcee some sort of reading or awards ceremony or pretty much any event, I’d do it without hesitation, not a problem. I do that kind of stuff all the time … but this is a little different.

This time I’m speaking to a group of young professionals and entrepreneurs, of which, apparently I am one, though I’ve never really identified myself as such. I won’t be the only speaker, so I can be brief, a few minutes. I’m told some of the other speakers are from FatKat, which is cool. I’m really interested in hearing the speakers … scared to death to BE one of them!

Of course, I could have just turned down the invitation, but if I’ve learned one thing through working in the Mighty Community it’s that if it makes you uncomfortable that means you’re growing, and you should always seize the opportunity to grow. I’m as uncomfortable as I’ve ever been, but off I go anyway! Here I grow again!

So if you’re in the area and you’re a young professional (or young at heart!) come hear me and some others speak at the official launch of MYPIE this Wednesday after work at the Rodd Hotel. More details about the group and the event at their website www.mypie.ca.

Mood: uncomfortable
Drinking: black coffee
Listening To: crows cawing
Hair: getting longer and thicker every day

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