Oh Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Well a handful of non-drowsy cold meds, half a bottle of hot sauce, 4L of water, and one sleepless night later I emerge with more energy and lust for life than I’ve had all week. I now pronounce myself CURED!

Of course, just as I’m immersing myself in all the stuff that went by the wayside this week and feeling like I can accomplish everything, I have to pack it in, shut it down, throw some stuff in a bag and blow this popsicle stand. Yeah, my dog needs a sitter. And he’s my dog. And I love him. It’s not his fault the timing sucks. And I’m grateful he even has a place to live. So I go offline into the dead zone for the weekend and hopefully I will return with gusto intact and totally kill next week.

Mood: hyper
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: the fan! because it’s actually sunshine and hot!
Hair: ponied because … see above

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