The More You See, The Less You Know

Oh you look so beautiful tonight, in the city of blinding lights …

Well here I am on a sunny Monday morning. I wish I could say I was early to bed, early to rise, but no such luck. No rest for the wicked. I guess I slept too much on the weekend. I did spend most of the day Saturday and Sunday either lounging or sleeping as I didn’t feel very well. This translated into a restless Sunday night of trying to sleep, given up as hopeless by 5am this morning. I feel surprisingly well rested and alert for someone who’s been up all night. But the big question is, will I be able to handle the gym on no sleep? Today is only upper body which is never as brutal as lower so perhaps it’s possible.

Last week was a crazy run-around week for me.

Wednesday I went to the office for a BnM meeting and then met up with the girls for Chinese buffet supper at the Rice King restaurant in Douglastown. I’ve only ever eaten there at lunch time. It seems a little pricey for supper in comparison to the other buffets in town … but I guess you get dessert so maybe it’s fine. We got there late and I barely had time to taste my food, let alone digest, before we had to get to the theatre for the movie so I didn’t get to enjoy supper much. We saw Mama Mia! And I loved, loved, loved it! I could have walked right back in and watched it again at the late showing. Pierce shouldn’t sing, but he’s gorgeous so he’s forgiven. I even cried. And I never cry in the theatre.

Thursday I met a friend for lunch and had a great chat for a couple of hours about everything under the sun including writerly type stuff and more. Definitely need to do that again! It’s so refreshing to have someone else, single, in her 30s, going through the whole dating madness, to talk with. God, I needed that!

Thursday night because it was the last time for The Dark Knight to be shown at our theatre, Stacy and I made a spontaneous decision to go to the movies for the second night in a row. This time we had no time for supper so we munched out on popcorn and nachos and chocolate and all kinds of junk. I loved the movie! The best Batman movie ever, in my opinion. And I really enjoyed the last one because of my boy Cillian, of course. I’ve never been big on the Michael Keaton ones to begin with, so I’m all about Christian Bale. I just like him. He’s a good Batman. But Heath! OMG! He was such a great Joker. Better than Jack. It’s such a sin that he’s gone and won’t be able to do more.

Friday night I went to the Napan Fair with the family and children. It was wet. There were flies. No really, there were FLIES! Like thousands of them! Houseflies, not black flies. It’s because of the horses and livestock, but still … there’s something unsettling about bags of cotton candy covered with houseflies. Needless to say any urge I had for a candy apple didn’t last long. I was covered to my knees in mud. Very reminiscent of the long weekend family reunion. And my feet are still cold. As if the flies and soggy ground weren’t enough, it actually piss-poured rain and I didn’t get to enjoy any of the events in the ring other than some border collies herding sheep and ducks and jumping through hoops. My aunt’s event was postponed until the following day. So I pretty much ruined my sandals and got all wet for … the ability to say I’ve been … without actually seeing anything. I would go again next year, but only in good weather.

I’m going to Fredericton next month to participate in a Small Press Fair. It’s the same weekend as the Side by Side literary festival so I’m going to take in some events for that too. And this weekend I also noticed that same weekend is TNB’s midnight production of Rocky Horror, so I got tickets! I’m psyched about it! Makes for a busy weekend, not a lot of sleep, but I think it’ll be something to experience for sure. I’d been debating whether to go or not, but since I’m going to be in town anyway, that just sealed the deal for me.

Yesterday, I got invited to an authentic Cajun feast happening next month too. Someone from Louisiana who I’ve only met through email and has written about Mardi Gras and Hurricane Katrina for BnM is coming to the Miramichi to visit. I’m excited to meet him after all these years and happy to have been invited to the dinner he’s preparing. Should make for an interesting evening for sure.

And now I should stog some protein down my throat and try to make my way to the gym.

Mood: getting a little foggy
Drinking: coffee, black, cold
Listening To: email dinging into my inbox
Hair: laundered and wild

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  1. I must be way more “country girl” than I realize because I did notice flies but not so much so to be disturbed by them. lol
    Glad to hear you would go again cause in good weather it actually is a nice show.


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