Month: August 2008

100 Desserts

From WC over at ReTorte. 1. Bold what you’ve tried.2. * What you’ve made.3. Cross out what you wouldn’t like.4. Italicize something you’ve tried but didn’t like. I don’t bake a lot and I’m not a real fussy eater, so I haven’t met many desserts I haven’t like. […]

Green Festival This Weekend

This Labour Day weekend do something green! ECMA award winning country band, The Divorcees take the stage with 30 other groups covering music genres ranging from folk and blues to rock and jazz at the first annual Green Festival being held near Clairville, NB, from 10am Saturday August […]

Back in the Ring for Another Swing

I’ve been having a recurring dream. I guess it started late this past winter or early spring, perhaps March or April. In the beginning it showed up maybe once a month, but in the past two weeks I’ve been dreaming it almost every night. And it’s started to […]

Oh Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Well a handful of non-drowsy cold meds, half a bottle of hot sauce, 4L of water, and one sleepless night later I emerge with more energy and lust for life than I’ve had all week. I now pronounce myself CURED! Of course, just as I’m immersing myself in […]


I’ve been having a week. Feeling like crap on crack. Crap to the 10th power. Just crap. So this morning I woke up feeling no better, but the sun was out at least which is something. I got up, showered, made coffee, boiled the kettle for my neti […]


I have a cold or something. Sore throat. Chest filled up. Pain around my eyes. No doubt a result of running around barefoot in the wet grass Friday night. Will I never learn? I really need to buy me some styling rubber boots. Because I didn’t sleep Sunday […]

The Writer in Me

I think I should write a book about dating in the 21st century. Seriously. I KNOW it would be funny! Oh, and educational. For sure! It could start with, “A magician, a prison guard and a backslid Christian walk into a bar …” But seriously. I am putting […]

Wicked Wednesday

It’s happened … yep. I am addicted to Big Brother. How does this freaking happen?! I didn’t watch Season 6 but All-Stars hooked me back in. Then last year I didn’t watch at all, but this year I’m right back in the saddle again. Why?! Big day today! […]

In Repair

We’ve kind of got this unique situation going on living here in New Brunswick, in the Miramichi region, which our ancestors settled when it was nothing but woods and wild animals and native tribes, where the greatest majority of our family still reside and will continue to call […]