My Life … Wild?

Bopping to Talking Heads. Thinking of you, sir, of course.

So I started my day off right with a balanced breakfast that included an egg white omelet and only half my usual coffee intake. Set my cellphone alarm to remind me to eat something every few hours. Water bottles have been filled and chilled and I will empty them all into my belly before day’s end. These nutrition things aren’t so hard once I get into the swing of things, but I’ve been off-track since mid-April so it takes a few days.

Yesterday I had my first training session. I did 25 minutes cardio on the treadmill. I could have done more because the treadmill is my best friend, but we were just easing me in and seeing where I’m at, what speed I need to go to get my heart rate up to fat burning mode. The treadmill was easy but then we moved into strength to work my upper body muscles and this is a completely new territory where I know nothing. I’ve never used any of the equipment. I’ve not really so much as ever lifted a dumbbell. Well, you know, I have little dumbbells that I’ve used on my own before … but did I have proper form, did I know what muscles I was working, did I have any freaking clue what I was doing … no, I did not. So the strength exercises were a learning experience for sure. I’m totally out of my comfort zone there.

It was good though. We took our time, he explained things well and corrected me when I needed it. He didn’t push me so much that I would dread going back, but I’m so out of shape that today I’m a little sore so I know that we worked muscles that haven’t worked in awhile (maybe ever!) Tomorrow we’ll do more cardio and lower body. I feel like I’m probably stronger in my lower body than upper but we’ll see.

So that’s it! I paid my money and I’m in, for better or for … better! There is no such thing as worse on this subject. The only thing that could constitute worse would be if I didn’t go, if I didn’t commit, and that is not an option. I’ve made a financial investment so now I’ve got to make sure I get my money’s worth, end of story.

Mood: psyched
Drinking: black coffee, water
Listening To: cry for love, iggy pop
Hair: entering a longish stage

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  1. If you are anything like me…your lower body will most certainly be stronger than your upper body. Glad to hear you are sore…..means you are on the right track. After my first upper day I could hardly raise my arm! lol


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