First We Take …

Last night’s birthday celebration turned into Kellie’s Pub Crawl 2008. Me, my sister (and DD), and two friends I haven’t seen in awhile and always enjoy hanging out with. We started at Boston Pizza with BIG salads and desserts. And drinks (at least for me … one Cosmo, a glass of red, and a Spanish coffee). Unfortunately the patio wasn’t open but that was okay. Our waitress screwed up the bills a whopping three times which was freaking hilarious.

After dinner we crossed the bridge to Chatham and O’Donaghue’s Irish Pub. There wasn’t much going on there so early, and we had already eaten so we just stayed for one drink (a red wine for me) and headed back to Newcastle having made plans to return later in the month when Jake Stewart is playing there.

Two of our party had never been to the Black Horse Tavern before in the Miramichi Hotel, so we hit it up next. Two glasses of beer for $2.50. Dirty men groaning and smacking their lips at us when we crossed the floor. We played pool and laughed and danced to old songs on the jukebox. Fun times!

After our excursion into the Black Horse we went down the street to the Boulevard Pub. It seemed to be having a bit of an off night or something. The music was too loud, a big screen tv showing golf overpowered the room. I’ve been in there during the day before, and it definitely seems nicer during the light of day or something. Plus I made the mistake of ordering the house wine, Piat D’or (which I loathe) out of a box (which is rarely drinkable). They do have some lovely wines there, including Wolf Blass Yellow Label, so it wasn’t their fault I should have ordered better. The washrooms were really nice and clean though as I took my first and only pee break of the evening causing one of our party to exclaim, “How can you drink so much and pee so little?!” It is a gift. Once upon a time though I would go the whole night without venturing into the public washroom. Just saying.

The night was getting on and we still hadn’t found a crowd or anything much exciting (not counting the Black Horse experience) so we left The Boulevard seeking our last stop of the evening ending up at Jack’s Oasis Pub. There was a band finishing up a set as we entered and sat at what has to be the widest table ever to find a home in a bar. We marvelled at the old man levitating across the way and I ordered a drink called a Porn Star that tasted like blue Mr. Freezies and the bartender told me was her specialty. It was pretty good but I downed it fast so we could get the hell out of there.

By then I was ready for ice cream and home, so one quick Ben and Jerry’s stop later I found myself sprawled on the futon watching The Darjeeling Limited. I watched about 45 minutes before I fell asleep and woke cold and cramped at 5am when buddy upstairs finally stumbled home (without his truck again) from where ever he had been playing poker and/or getting laid. While he clumped around upstairs I made my way to the spare room and crashed for another 5 hours or so.

I can’t remember the last time I pub crawled … if ever. It was an interesting and fun way to celebrate my birthday. Thanks girls! I had a great time.

Mood: i couldn’t say … someone has stolen my mood ring
Drinking: coffee, black, perked
Listening To: lawnmowers and seagulls
Hair: approaching critical thickness

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  1. I had a blast last night too! It was a great way to spend a Friday night! We will have to do it again soon and perhaps add more people to the mix. We did have some great laughs…..the never ending game of pool….the never ending red light…..following biker chick around….good times!!

    Oh, and I guess I am feeling a little purple today….so says the mood ring on my finger! lol


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