What is the universe trying to tell me this morning? First, How to Save a Life from The Fray, followed immediately by Snow Patrol’s How to be Dead, and now I’ve got some Resolve going on.

Had a helluva time getting any sleep last night. Felt so sleepy by 10pm that I went into bed. Read until 12:15. Then turned out the lights and went immediately into horror genre type dreams, though not nightmarish in any way. There was a murderer in a mask, but I was more curious about who the villain was, than terrified I was going to be next. Woke up at 2:30am thinking I must have been asleep forever and surely it was time to rise. Rolled around until 6:30, drifting in and out of the mask wearing horror dream in 10 minute intervals, where I was convinced the villain was a new Freddy Kruger, turned out to be a woman, which was no fun at all. Then laid in bed for an hour until the alarm went off at 7:30, just thinking about the day and all the stuff I want to do. Composed a list in my head.

Now, I’m up, had coffee, did all my morning routine, getting ready to go for a stroll at the cove with a friend. Then maybe breakfast will be on tap. I might even go out for breakfast. I’m reluctant to buy groceries when I’m leaving so soon. Oh and speaking of the trip … I secured two tickets to the Monday taping of The Hour! Strombo, here I come!

I’ve also learned that R.E.M. are doing a concert while I’m in town, Sunday night. But I’m not going. I don’t think. Mother says she’s all ready played out just thinking about this trip … no, she’s not coming with me 😉

Mood: cheerful
Drinking: coffee, instant, (blech!), black
Listening To: Man on the Moon, R.E.M.
Hair: not being combed until after the morning trek through the forest

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