And So It Is

Just like you said it should be … I can’t take my eyes off you … Despite the tunes, I’m having a pretty fantastic day so far. It is a grey rainy morning, perfect for Damien Rice and moody reflection, but I’m not getting sucked in! I will not submit! I will not submit!

I rolled out of bed when a friend called to remind me that I had promised to go for a walk around the cove this morning. The rain hadn’t started yet, just overcast with a slight chill, and 15 minutes later we were walking. We only did one loop around, 15 minutes or so but still a great way to begin the day. I need to get back to some serious steps. We are planning to go again tomorrow morning.

Going out for lunch today, Chinese Buffet at that new restaurant in Douglastown, Rice King I think it’s called. Need to go out shopping too at some point, maybe not today if the rain persists. I am needing to get Abby’s birthday present and deposit my cheque to cover the rent.

Last night I requested tickets to The Hour for the Monday I’m in Toronto. Fingers crossed they come through. That would be awesome. I totally have to figure out the logistics of getting to the airport. I need to get a hotel room in Moncton for next Wednesday night. I’m so spoiled, of course, I want to book into the Beau. Can I really justify that financially? Nooo … does that mean I’m not going to do it? We’ll see. It still hasn’t sunk in that I’m going. I just don’t know how I can be this freaking broke and go away for a week. Obviously, I did not think this one through. Impulse travel. I’m out of control. I actually got quotes to Ireland from my travel agent. There is room in the workshop I’m interested in taking. They’ve been emailing me. The thing is if I totally max out my credit card, I cannot afford to pay the minimum every month … I need to seriously keep this in mind. After Toronto I’ll settle into a more frugal and sensible summer … I hope. Need to reign myself back in.

Mood: excited about life
Drinking: coffee, black, water, cold
Listening To: Middle of Nowhere, Hot Hot Heat
Hair: silky

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