Tall Glass of Vodka

I think I’m entering into another martini phase. I have the cosmo craving.

Okay, so let’s talk about the play, since it is coming right up this weekend and anon asked about it on Monday.

Since my two nieces were diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes, every year my family participates in the Walk for the Cure in Moncton. So every year we fundraise. Last year we just individually canvassed for donations and we had the Indoor Yard Sale and Lemonade Stand. This year we did all that PLUS a play.

We’re creative folks, so basically we decided to do a play, found a script, cast the parts, set a date, found a venue and started practicing all at once . . . and not that long ago. Kinda crazy.

The play is called “Astonishing Tales.” You can read more about it here, here and here.

My character is named Sarah. She is a smart (university educated) somewhat naive and inexperienced girl who unwittingly causes a lot of trouble in her new job. There’s a lot of laughs in this one. It’s especially funny if you know the people playing the parts. My sister and brother-in-law for example are cast in roles that are so completely NOT at all like their true characters that it’s really hard not to bust out in fits of giggles onstage . . . and a lot of time in practice mayhem has ensued from such fits of giggles. But even if you know none of us, it doesn’t matter, it’s a fun play.

Tickets are going fast as the weekend approaches. So if you want them you’d better grab ’em soon.

Mood: punchy
Drinking: not punch
Listening To: fingers punching the keyboard
Hair: punched up

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