Start Me Up

It never fails, if left on random play iTunes always knows what’s up in the world. God! Did I ever need The Stones right about now! Little booster shot in the arm of rock energy.

So I’ve been hideously lax in my blogging, I know. This is me on “Wonder Woman Superhero Maxxed-Out Busy” speed. You know above and beyond the usual “super-busy” speed that we’ve all grown to know and love.

When things get this busy it’s necessary to cut stuff out of my life. Housework is always the first to go, naturally. If you were to pop by today (please don’t) you’d see the evidence in the dirty dishes covering every inch of my counter in the kitchen, stacked in the sink, piled on top of the stove, the dust bunnies billowing around the floor, the pile of laundry in the basket on the floor in my bedroom, my unmade bed, the fact that I would not allow you to use my bathroom, and so on.

The second thing to be cut is usually outings–the errand run-around, walks to the cove, anything that takes me out of the apartment and away from my work at the computer. I’ll blow you off if you call or email and ask me to visit or go out anywhere. Most times I’ve got the ringer off and I won’t even answer the phone. Last week I set out first thing Monday morning to go to the bank, grocery store, post office, pharmacy and all that stuff people need to do . . . but I didn’t actually leave the apartment and go do those things until Thursday afternoon. Yeah, it took me that long to find an hour where I felt that was the most important thing I needed to be doing.

Next to be cut is unnecessary online stuff like my daily sudoku puzzle, reading people’s blogs, posting on message boards, following message boards, downloading music, and posting to my blogs. I’ll still make time to watch some videos, but I’ll give up movies and hour-long tv shows in favour of movie trailers and 22-minute commercial-edited sitcoms, which I’ll only watch while I’m doing something else, usually eating.

Speaking of eating, that habit also changes when I get this busy. Gone are the days of wellness with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack or two. Some days I forget to eat at all, and food only occurs to me when I feel dizzy and weak. Most days I just eat one meal, at supper time, and everyday last week it was pretty much the same thing — 4-5 chicken wings with hot sauce and a garden green salad.

And then I stop sleeping my normal 5-7 hours in my bed. Instead I find myself crashing on the futon beside my computer for two hours a night, catching the occasional 20 minute nap in the afternoon when I can no longer function.

So that’s some of the stuff I haven’t been doing and some of the stuff I have.

This week is another full-tilt maxxed-out kinda week where I will need every ounce of my Wonder Woman reserve strength. And then next week things calm, but only slightly . . . because there’s Anna’s Birthday, and Words on Water, and Abby’s Birthday, and the JDRF Walk for the Cure in Moncton and don’cha know the following week I’s be going to the T-Dot, so there’s some insanity involved in prep for that trip naturally . . . and then there’s the trip . . . followed closely by my birthday . . . and a maybe trip to Fredericton the week after that for Cake and then we’re into the July long weekend . . . followed by the MWW and small press bookfair . . . another issue of BnM drops about then . . . and at some point there’s Gerry’s workshop in Sackville (I need to find the dates/details for that) that I really want to take . . . oi! I can’t think that far ahead, must focus on today.

My to-do-today list has grown by four just while I wrote this post 😦 Emails coming in, pinging me with tasks. And I bet you thought today was a holiday.

Mood: slightly stressed
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: But Not for Me, Harry Connick Jr.
Hair: messy

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