Haven’t had a lot of time for posting lately. BnM crunch, play practice, etc. Lots of crap. And I do mean LOTS! I’ve been twittering more I think . . . I’m trying anyway, in the meantime. I may be hormonally imbalanced or something. Having some health issues. I’m just not myself lately. I’m not sure who the hell I am . . . but damn! It doesn’t really feel like me. Impulsive in increasingly unusual and insane ways. What will I think of next? . . . nobody knows . . .

Mood: starving
Drinking: nothing
Listening To: the wind howling around my windows
Hair: needing a little something-something

One thought on “Crap

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  1. the dream boyfriend is sooo interesting, long time since i had a good boy/bar story from you. think we need more *hint* play? what play? where? whats your part? so many questions, inquiring minds needs to know… well WANTS to know i guess


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