Den of Thieves

I’ve spent most of the weekend at the French Fort Cove Eco-Centre working the Mighty/BnM booth at the first annual Tourism Expo.

It’s no secret I don’t like going to these trade shows. We’ve done the Lifestyles Show a couple of years at the Civic Centre, and we’ve gone to Moncton for the Kiwanis Lifestyle Show a couple of years. It’s always exhausting. My feet hurt. My legs get wrecked. I feel like my time there was wasted. It’s just never been good. So I wasn’t looking forward to this tourism one either. But it’s my job, there’s no getting out of it.

We had a steady trickle of interested people all weekend, with a pretty big crowd around lunchtime on Saturday. With Metepenagiag on one side of me and the Folk Song Festival on the other, with live music and poetry readings and traditional dancing happening just over my head, with people popping by to ask me questions about the Mighty Miramichi and all the goings on in the county because of course I would know, I felt like finally we had found a trade show where BnM and myself belonged. My feet didn’t hurt. My legs didn’t get wrecked. I wasn’t overly exhausted. And I didn’t feel like I wasted my time. So that was good!

After the show closed I went straight home to get ready for my first play practice. I was a little worried because we were supposed to be off script and I might have known a third of my lines, maybe half. Lucky for me a whole lot of the cast couldn’t make the rehearsal so we just did a table reading. It was fun. I forgot how much fun a play could be. Oh-oh. We’ve only done one little reading and all ready I might be hooked . . . I went to sleep with visions of Duff and Merrin dancing in my head. I wake with an urge to pound out some dialogue.

This weekend I had many interesting conversations about various arts projects on the Miramichi. We’re experiencing a Renaissance. There is a lot going on and a lot more coming up.

Mood: creative
Drinking: coffee, instant! what is the world coming to?
Listening To: the scientist, coldplay
Hair: getting long and shaggy

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  1. Told you this play thing is addictive!
    You know, I do know this little theatre group that is always looking for new members………….


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