Month: May 2008


What is the universe trying to tell me this morning? First, How to Save a Life from The Fray, followed immediately by Snow Patrol’s How to be Dead, and now I’ve got some Resolve going on. Had a helluva time getting any sleep last night. Felt so sleepy […]

And So It Is

Just like you said it should be … I can’t take my eyes off you … Despite the tunes, I’m having a pretty fantastic day so far. It is a grey rainy morning, perfect for Damien Rice and moody reflection, but I’m not getting sucked in! I will […]

I Will Survive

Cake’s cover rocks! Loving it big style! Woke up pretty early this morning, which was good. Though I haven’t seemed to accomplish much with my day yet it seems. Last night I went to Words on Water at the gallery in Chatham to listen to the Breach House […]

Here Comes Your Man

Listening to The Pixies. What a gorgeous morning! I need to find my way back to early mornings somehow this week. To do that I need to get to sleep before or shortly after midnight, and stop this 4 and 5am crap. I mean I’m in the bed, […]

Sympathy for the Devil

Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name … Happy Monday! Another crazy week beginning. I am so tired. Fingers crossed I get some sleep sometime this week, cuz next week I’m outta here for a bit! Off to the big city and that’s not going to […]

The World I Know

Have I mentioned I’m dreaming in play? Yeah, for about a week now. In the dreams I know not just my lines, but everyone else’s too! It’s fabulous! Yesterday I actually took some time and sat down with the script. I have not had much time with the […]

Tall Glass of Vodka

I think I’m entering into another martini phase. I have the cosmo craving. Okay, so let’s talk about the play, since it is coming right up this weekend and anon asked about it on Monday. Since my two nieces were diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes, every year […]

Start Me Up

It never fails, if left on random play iTunes always knows what’s up in the world. God! Did I ever need The Stones right about now! Little booster shot in the arm of rock energy. So I’ve been hideously lax in my blogging, I know. This is me […]


Haven’t had a lot of time for posting lately. BnM crunch, play practice, etc. Lots of crap. And I do mean LOTS! I’ve been twittering more I think . . . I’m trying anyway, in the meantime. I may be hormonally imbalanced or something. Having some health issues. […]


Ten degrees at 9am. High of 18 predicted for today. Chance of thundershowers in the forecast. Despite all the rumours to the contrary, summer is really going to come! Last night was one of those gorgeous nights, not too cold, calm, no bugs, not too dark . . […]