How to Save a Life

Physically feeling much stronger today, though still pretty tired. I walked up the King George Highway this morning to do an interview, close to a half hour walk and all my pedometer registered was 10 minutes. I hate when that happens! It’s because my pants are too loose to have it stuffed into my front pocket, it gets jostled and turned upside down and at odd angles. Oh well, at least I got the steps and didn’t pass out from the walk.

I have a sharp jabbing pain happening periodically in and around my left knee. Not sure what that’s about. Perhaps something arthritic? I haven’t had a full on arthritis flare in a very long time, and seasons are changing, so . . . maybe.

There’s a municipal election thing happening tonight at the Kin Centre. All the candidates are speaking, no Q&A though. I should go. I think T is going, but I should be there too probably. See how I feel about that later.

I’ve got to work all weekend. Trade show. I’m also hosting a play practice in my apartment on Saturday, so I need to get things in shipshape before the weekend arrives. I have yet to run lines with anyone. I don’t know them. I’ve missed practice so far. So it seems my first one will be off-script . . . yeah. Yay! I’ve told Ms Director to be prepared to spoon feed me lines all day, lol. But seriously, I’m not even kidding. There is a very big part of my brain that still hasn’t registered that I’m actually doing a play in a month’s time.

I am sleeping so much! It’s crazy. Last night I laid down around 9 and this morning I hung back in the sheets until the last possible moment, 8:30ish, and if I hadn’t had to get up to go do an interview I might be hanging there still. I know I should go to the doctor. I know. I’ll get to that someday soon.

Mood: scattered
Drinking: espresso
Listening To: raise a little hell, trooper
Hair: mussed

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