Can I touch you to see if you’re real? Gawd! I loved that song back in the day. I guess I still do. I remember listening to it on a cassette tape, one of those year-end compilation albums of Top 40 hits. I loved those albums.

So, I am beyond busy right there now as the countdown to Frye begins. Found out where I get my press pass when I arrive. Requested early check-in. Have not booked just a regular room, but one with some perks (it was all they had left) . . . not cheap, by any stretch of the imagination but this is me throwing financial responsibility to the wind and just going for it. Remember Toronto in 2006? Yeah, hopefully the hotel will be the biggest part of my indiscretion and I won’t go nuts in restaurants, bars, shopping, etc. Because I only have a month to turn it all around in time for my trip to Toronto in June. Though this T-dot excursion will be more tame with many less swanky breakfasts and $15 martinis.

When all is said and done I’ll likely find that I could have gone to the writers’ workshop in Ireland or France for the amount I’ll spend on these outings. I’ll take a serious look at this in hindsight and if it turns out to be that way, then you’ll see me crossing the pond in 2010 . . . 2009 will likely be a year of financial recovery, much in the way that 2007 was 🙂 And that’s okay.

Maybe I’ll win Eagles tickets and at least be able to avoid that expense this summer. Though now, I’m not sure I want to go to the concert. I’m up in the air. Because there is the family reunion happening that same weekend. And really Sam is the only major draw for me and he’ll be on first and off like a dirty shirt and there I’ll be . . . luckily with those big outdoor concerts there’s no need to decide anything beforehand. I can decide that morning that I want to go and there’ll be plenty of tickets. But if I won tickets, well that would be another thing all together, wouldn’t it?

And now I’ve got a couple dozen candidates to sort through.

Mood: I know, I hate people, but I love gatherings, isn’t that ironic?
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: catch me when i fall, ashlee simpson
Hair: settling into the new colour

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