If I could turn and meet myself as
I was then,
gaze into that solemn face, those
unblinking eyes,
I suppose I’d laugh until I cried,
then laugh again.

— from The Kookaburra’s Song

Let the laughter begin!

I actually got an email from Coach Steele this morning asking me to let him know how I was doing. He has a sixth sense or something. His timing is always impeccable and the fact that he even bothers to personally contact people on the Tools to Life site really blows my mind. I replied that I am well. And I am.

Okay, so I had an “unusual” weekend at best, but now it’s Monday and time to get back to business. I’ve decided to attend Frye Festival and I will embark for Moncton Thursday morning, armed with a laptop and ready to post from the Festival. The days and nights will be long. I will be exhausted. But it should be a great time. I’m really excited about it. My mind will explode with all the new ideas! And I think I’m going to run into some wonderful old friends, which will be great.

So much work to get out of the way in preparation of leaving though, not to mention all the household stuff that’s been on the backburner this past week.

Having hot chocolate this morning before I go out to do the run-around downtown. Banking, shopping, all that good stuff.

The ice is breaking up pretty quick now, moving on the tides. The ducks are here! Hundreds of them! Summer is coming! And summer is good. I do love my river. It gives me a sense of place and comfort in being in that place. The river is home and I’m on it.

I weighed myself this morning and was pretty shocked to find myself over 20 pounds lighter than the last time I weighed in. Holy frig! So either the wellness has been working or . . . I dunno, a couple of days of eating light or nothing at all is not enough to drop 20 freaking pounds. That was pretty surprising. Of course, I’ve got lots of pounds on me, so 20 is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Oh well, banking is not going to do itself. I must boot!

Mood: energized & excited
Drinking: hot chocolate
Listening To: dangerous, roxette
Hair: i am the big blonde once again

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  1. i responded earlier but my comment didn’t take for some reason. the magic hat is too warm now . . . but the blonde works on its own doncha know 🙂


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