Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine . . .

The impending full moon wreaks havoc on my life. The dreams, babe! The freaking dreams! And as if they weren’t enough I’ve got all around anxiety and weirdness going on throughout the day. Some odd behaviour happening. Not odd odd, but odd for me. Anyhoo, it should be all over after the full moon Sunday night.

I am insane with trying to interview all the candidates from the municipal election. Everyone in Miramichi is running. It’s true! Which makes it one freaking interesting election, but tons of coordination and organization on my part to get to talk with everyone.

Last night I watched a movie for the first time in eons, well, I guess not eons as I have watched movies when I go upriver, but I haven’t watched any at home here since the big Oscar prep a couple of months ago. Anyway, last night I was in the mood for a chocolate sundae and a movie. I passed on the sundae (where would I even get one?) but opted to crack open the Absenthe and try a shot (yummy! but with mega kick!) and to watch “Gone Baby Gone” with Casey Affleck (big brother Ben’s directorial debut). This was one of the few movies that I couldn’t get in before the awards. It was really quite good. I love Ed Harris! I would totally pick this one up the next time I’m out shopping at Blockbuster. It had a Departed feel about it, but that might have just been the whole Boston cop aspect.

Mood: a little odd
Drinking: black coffee
Listening To: cinnamon girl, neil young
Hair: a whole lot lighter

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