Blank Page

finish online bnm, publish online bnm website, design email for bnm online subscriber list, send out email to online bnm subscriber list, send out mighty successful pr, remind gov mansion guy about article for june print bnm, contact bnm ed board regarding thoughts on notes from last meeting to begin the discussion, email T about delivering print in newcastle area, call jill at the rodd about art installation, call gloria about art installation at the rodd, go to the post office to pick up parcel that is most likely the who in concert, go to the drugstore to buy hand soap and hair dye and conditioner, go to sobeys for tin foil and garlic and some foodstuff, go to the liquor store for wine and absenthe and maybe brandy, remember to use your coupon to get $10 off at the liquor store, check your bank account and make a plan for how you’re going to finance this week/weekend and pay the bills, check acadian bus schedule and note time of freddy bus arrival for thursday, proof sherry’s intros for thursday nite, clean out the spare room, wash all the bedding, send mass email to invite peeps to Thursday night, vaccuum the bedrooms, dust everything, sweep everywhere, scrub the kitchen and the bathroom and the entry hall floors with scrub brush, light mop remaining floors and hall, do dishes, do laundry, clean off and organize desk, plan wardrobe changes for weekend events, put clock in spare room, scrub the bathtub and sinks in bathroom and kitchen, take the garbage out, pick up Sears parcel, write thursday nite schedule, write intros for thursday night readers and who they’re reading about, come up with some snappy one-liners for thursday emcee gig, take shower where snappy one-liners are usually born, write intro for gerry’s workshop, contact thursday readers one last to firm up, remind stacy regarding tourist packages for wfnb, don’t forget large envelopes, get copies of bnm for sale on saturday, make rough cross-river travel plan for weekend and different scheds, dye hair, shave legs, iron anything needing ironing, clean the toilet, wash black marks off walls, find money to buy that painting, confirm date for banquet, get cash for buying books and paying cab fares . . . and i think that’s it, that’s all i have to do between now and thursday when i meet joe at the bus station . . . then let the fun begin!

Mood: tired
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: back to bed, nathan wiley
Hair: every which way

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  1. no, i’ve thought of a couple more things actually . . . plus i neglected to add “do all these things while being doubled over with menstrual pain” . . . yay!


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