Month: April 2008

Angels Make Contact

My little ole brain is working triple-time this week. The dreams are beyond insane. I can’t even believe the freaking people showing up in them. It’s like everyone I ever had a conversation with in my life and then twice as many people that I’ve never laid eyes […]

How to Save a Life

Physically feeling much stronger today, though still pretty tired. I walked up the King George Highway this morning to do an interview, close to a half hour walk and all my pedometer registered was 10 minutes. I hate when that happens! It’s because my pants are too loose […]

A Rolling Stone

I am returned from Moncton and feeling slightly out of sorts. I have no food. My apartment is a sty and everything I touch seems to fall apart and need repairs. I have a cupboard door lying on the floor in my kitchen. I have no energy. I […]

Learning to Fly

Earlier this afternoon I happened to be in my room when housekeeping came, so we got to talking as she straightened out my mess and left me many bonus treats. I told her I was a journalist. And I was shocked how easily this response came from my […]

On the Road Again

Ok, so I’m off and God willing I’ll somehow get online in Moncton and be able to tell you all about my exploits and adventures. I am armed with a laptop . . . which I have some doubts about . . . but no time to think […]


When you can’t think of a title and the song currently playing is “Maneater” by Nelly Furtado and you’re not really feeling like much of a maneater at the moment, what do you do? Untitle the damn post and get on with the business of writing it. So […]

Every Passing Minute

“Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.” Sofia Serrano Last night I watched Vanilla Sky again. I know, I know, some of you will be like WTF?! Yes, I’ve seen it a zillion times and yes, it effects me deeply each time . . […]


Can I touch you to see if you’re real? Gawd! I loved that song back in the day. I guess I still do. I remember listening to it on a cassette tape, one of those year-end compilation albums of Top 40 hits. I loved those albums. So, I […]


If I could turn and meet myself as I was then,gaze into that solemn face, those unblinking eyes,I suppose I’d laugh until I cried, then laugh again. — from The Kookaburra’s Song Let the laughter begin! I actually got an email from Coach Steele this morning asking me […]

She’s Got the Look

M used to say I had a look about me . . . I looked “fuckable” and for that reason I would do well as a bartender. This was years before I bought a bar. By the time the bar was in hand I had forgotten what he […]