My eagles have come back! Two of them, on the river ice, flying past my window, all afternoon. Glorious! The ducks are also back. I feel somewhat sad for them huddled on the ice waiting for the water to come.

They announced the Magnetic Hill concert for this summer earlier this afternoon. The Eagles will headline, which is no surprise but there were some surprises in the opening acts including John Fogerty. That’s pretty awesome! KT Turnstall is also on the bill, I know a couple of her songs but I’m not a big fan or anything, maybe I’ll get into her before the time comes. And last, but certainly not least, my boy Sam Roberts! Love, love, love him! I’ve seen him before and have been dying to see him again. I am so there! Now if only they’d add Matt Mays to the bill or The Trews or something . . . my toes will curl into a permanent knot for the summer!

The concert is the August long weekend, so I guess someone else will have to keep everyone up all night at Preston and Karen’s, cuz apparently last year, it was ALL ME! Though I seem to recall several other guilty siblings, cousins, spouses and the like . . .

Mood: cheerful
Drinking: chai
Listening To: the pretender, foo fighters
Hair: so soft and silky! vinegar rinse, my friends, try it sometime

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  1. Yeah, I am thinking the Coughlan Family Weekend will miss the Underhill family’s contribution to the night life this year. lol
    Or maybe they will all sigh in relief that they can actually sleep before 3AM!


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