Everybody Knows

It’s been a day. I woke up to heavy wet snow, almost ice pellets, type weather, so I called F at Rogers and begged to reschedule my interview. Instead we opted for him to come to my place and film me in front of my bookcase, with my books. This was better than going out. I maybe should’ve worn a different top . . . I forgot about the mic thing . . . so it’s quite possible dear old F got quite the eyeful as we got me plugged in. But maybe it wasn’t as terrible as it seemed in the moment. I forgot to say an awful lot of stuff, but I did say some things, so hopefully it’ll be enough and be okay, and I won’t come off like the inarticulate idiot I felt like as we taped. I never get to see it anyway (even though it’ll likely be picked up province-wide) so bygones! I’m not giving it another thought.

We finished just in time for me to get on the hunt for Leonard Cohen tix for Moncton or Fredericton. There were two of us looking . . . And that was a bust. Sold out pretty quickly. But that was okay, because then an email came in from WestJet announcing one of those purchase your tickets today seat sales and I have a friend in Toronto with tickets to Lenny already in hand who has offered to take me with. So I viewed the WestJet seat sale as a sign that I am to go back to the big city and immediately booked a flight. I leave June 5, return June 10. Yay me! I envision a low-stress, no-commitment excursion, none of the tourist stuff, no $15 martinis or $35 breakfasts and most definitely absolutely no excursions into the old Alderwood stomping grounds. Peace, relaxation, Cohen, you know, a zen-like buddist type trip. A spiritual and creative awakening, none of that freaking tension I had last time from the stress of returning to the scene of the crime. Hopefully the weather will be nice.

Somewhere in all this tickets racket I found time to make the lasagna I’ve been wanting to make. Chicken, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, ricotta cheese . . . It is my first one. It has been kind of an ordeal. A learning experience. I won’t get into all the nitty gritty details, suffice it to say that it took all freaking day! Off and on. My NEXT lasagna will kick ass, this one, not so much, lol, but hey, it’s edible. Well, I’m eating it, I WILL be eating it for many days to come, I am not in any hurry to feed it to anyone else. Live and learn, they say. And now every pot and knife in my house is dirty, so I have to do dishes all night.

Despite the crazy weather outside, today is the first day of spring and boy! Do I ever feel it! Man! All this crazy spring energy whirling around my brain. I don’t care that there’s a ton of snow still, I feel springlike. I want to go places and do things and I feel recharged and energized. Maybe it’s just all the company this week and all the talk of travel and all the plans I’ve made already and all the plans I’ve yet to make . . . I don’t know. But I like it.

It’s Easter weekend. I’m not going up home. Too much to do. Plus I didn’t want to tempt myself by potatoes with gravy, apple crisp, and all that. I shall stay home and work and eat spinach salad and lasagna!

Mood: excited
Drinking: water
Listening To: in view, the tragically hip
Hair: actually looking quite lovely today! i blew it dry and even used a little hairspray because i was going on tv

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